Is Ginkgo Biloba a Natural Health Remedy for Vitiligo?

Viltiligo is a skin disorder where white patches appear on different parts of the body. The patches occur because the skin is unable to manufacture the pigment melanin in certain areas. The exact cause is unknown but some research has found that the natural remedy Ginkgo Biloba could help get rid of the patches or prevent the condition getting worse.

About 1 % of the population worldwide suffer with the condition. Although the late Michael Jackson was said to have suffered with vitiligo it is doubtful that he actually had the disorder. It seems more likely that he blamed it for the whiteness of his skin which reportedly was bleached. What he did do however was highlight the psychological problems that sufferers often have because of the disease.

What is the cause of vitiligo?

What prevents the melanocytes producing melanin, is a question that researchers have so far been unable to answer conclusively although a number of causes have been put forward. It is thought that a number of factors may be involved from auto-immune disease, low thyroid or overactive thyroid conditions, inflammatory and free radical damage, genetic and environmental factors.

Much of the research has taken place on Ginkgo Biloba over the past 10 years has been on its antioxidant effects. The research shows that the leaves contain two powerful antioxidants, flavonoids and terpenoids, that fight dangerous free radicals which damage cells and body tissues. It has also been discovered that it can have powerful effects on modulating the immune system.

Repigmentation with Ginkgo Biloba

In one study dermatologists from India gave Ginkgo Extract 40mg three times a day to 52 patients in a double blind placebo-controlled trial. This means that the participants could receive the real extract or another substance that would have no effect and neither the doctors nor the patients would know what they had received until the end of the trial. The study revealed that vitiligo was stopped in 80% of the group who received the Ginkgo and 40% experienced extensive repigmentation.

In a recent review of the natural remedies that had been used for the treatment of vitiligo only Ginkgo Biloba showed promise according to the researchers. A new study at the University of Toronto will be completed by November of this year.

Avoid cheap products

If you decide to try Ginkgo Biloba it is important to take a standardized extract that contains 24 % ginkgoflavonoglycosides to get the effects. There are many cheap ginkgo biloba products on the market that do not use standardized extract but they are likely to be ineffective. The dose is 40 mg of a standardized extract of the herb three times a day. But be aware that it has caused some gastric upset, headache and dizziness in a few people.

Nutritional solutions

There is also some evidence that an unusually high dose of Folic Acid 10 mg and 2000 mcg. of Methyl B12 together with a very nutritious diet may help restore pigmentation. The addition of B6, 1 gram Vitamin C daily, zinc and manganese, digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid to ensure digestion and absorption of nutrients has helped in the improvement of vitiligo.

It can take up to three months to notice some improvement but it is likely to take up to 2 years for complete repigmentation to occur with continuous supplementation. So Ginkgo Biloba may be the first natural remedy to try for vitiligo.


Is Carb Rotation a Natural Remedy for Best Weight Loss ?

If you’ve been searching for the best weight loss diet you have probably heard of the latest diet guru Jayson Hunter. Jayson, a registered dietitian and fitness expert with over 10 years experience, has perfected a weight loss program based on carb rotation. It may be the best natural remedy to help you lose weight yet.

Many people go on low carbohydrate diets, eating just meat and low carb vegetables, because they have heard that carbs make you fat. They certainly lose weight rapidly but quickly come off the diet because they feel tired and listless, get bad breath and constipation. The carbohydrate restriction causes a state of ketosis where the body burns fats which are not ideal for energy production. There are concerns that the high protein diet may damage the kidneys.

Others go on low fat diets but eat high levels of refined carbohydrates which triggers insulin that converts excess glucose to fat. They end up with all sorts of health problems from lack of essential fatty acids and too many refined carbohydrates.

It’s a fact that many low carb and low fat diets are detrimental to your health because they deprive your body of essential nutrients and energy. Your system perceives itself as being starved and automatically lowers the metabolism to conserve energy. You burn fewer and fewer calories and weight loss hits the all too familiar plateau. What ever you do you cannot kick-off the weight loss again. In fact you start gaining weight until the next attempt. This is known as yo-yo dieting.

Is Carb Rotation just another fad diet?

So is carb rotation or carb cycling just another fad diet or is it a natural health way to really get rid of unwanted pounds and fat for good? Jayson has apparently perfected a method for confusing your metabolism into melting fat almost instantly.Personal fitness trainers all over the world confirm that the program has helped their clients lose the stubborn body fat that just wouldn’t seem to come off by other means.

The diet focuses on lean meats, nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables, fiber-rich carbohydrates, good fats and lots of water. The program involves eating 5 – 6 meals a day, spaced 3 hours apart. Eating this way also keeps you feeling full and satisfied with lots of energy.

How does it work?

The Carb Rotation is based on a 3 day cycle:

  • Day 1 is a high carb, moderate protein & vegetables day.
  • Day 2 is a low carb, moderate protein & vegetables day
  • Day 3 is a no carb, all protein & vegetables day

Eating the right amount of carbs on the right days keeps the metabolism burning and results in an incredible fat blasting response. Cycling the carbs conceals the fact from your body that you are dieting. By rotating your carbs, you continually change not just the amount of calories you take in, but also the amount of macro-nutrients from one day to the next. This fools your metabolism about the fact that you’re dieting, allowing you to lose weight faster and avoid the dreaded plateau.

The diet promises

Jayson shows you how you can lose up to 15 lbs in 30 days. Of course, he includes an exercise section which helps you to tone and firm up your body. But forget boring cardio routines. It’s high-energy resistance training that gets you in and out FAST. Plus, they really sculpt and shape your body to give you that lean, sexy look most people are after. With different plans for women and men you can’t go wrong.

Jason teaches you how to keep the pounds OFF – for good! So carb rotation seems to be the natural remedy for the best weight loss. Check it out HERE.


Milk Thistle – A Natural Health Remedy for Diabetes?

With diabetes reaching epidemic proportions in the Western world sufferers will be heartened to learn that the herb Milk Thistle looks promising as a natural remedy to control Type 2 Diabetes. Shocking statistics show that the disease that usually develops in adults is now also being diagnosed in children.

Type 2 diabetes occurs when cells become insensitive to the glucose regulating hormone insulin or the pancreas does not produce enough. It is generally thought that the insulin insensitivity is present for some time before the insulin production fails although it may go unrecognized and undiagnosed.

As a result, glucose builds up in the blood eventually causing damage to the kidneys, heart, eyes and nerves. Triglycerides (blood fats) and cholesterol may be high too. Recent research on Milk Thistle shows that it can help control all three problems.

Benefits of Milk Thistle

Milk thistle, known to herbalists as Silymarin Marianum, is generally thought of as an antioxidant and a natural remedy for the liver but recent research has shown it can reduce fasting blood sugar levels. In a double blind clinical trial Type 2 Diabetics had a dramatic reduction in fasting blood sugar levels after they took 200 mg of Silymarin for 4 months. They also had a reduction in glycated hemoglobin which is another measure of blood sugar control.

Although the researchers suggest that larger studies are needed the Milk Thistle extract also significantly lowered blood levels of cholesterol, and triglycerides which remained unchanged in the control group. In another study a surprising result was that the treated patients lost weight.

The cause of type 2 diabetes is due to various lifestyle and dietary factors and many people have been able to control their symptoms with diet rather than drugs. In cases where diabetes was not being controlled well by diet or the drug glibenclamide Silymarin also reduced blood sugar levels significantly.

Bad fats & Insulin Insensitivity

Although obesity has been cited as a risk factor for developing diabetes the underlying cause is shown to be the damage caused to the cell structure by “bad fats” and the lack of good fats. What goes into and comes out of each body cell is largely regulated by the membrane surrounding it which is made up a variety of different fatty acids in a very precise ratio. When overheated and chemically altered (hydrogenated) “bad fats” are eaten they become incorporated into the membranes surrounding each cell and contribute to the insulin insensitivity.

By removing the bad fats from the diet and flooding the body with good fats especially omega 3 fatty acids many sufferers have been able to reverse diabetes in 7 – 12 months. Dr Gabriel Cousins at the Tree of Life Center has developed a program of entirely raw foods and green juices that can also cure diabetes in a short time.

The best general diet for diabetes involves eating a diet high that keep the blood sugar even. It helps to eat little and often choosing whole foods that are rich in fiber and low in sugar Eating complex carbohydrates with some protein helps to keep the blood sugar stable. Whole grains, beans and lentils with fresh vegetables are good. These foods release their sugars slowly. Cakes, cookies, and candy should be avoided as the sugar in them is absorbed fast and will trigger insulin.

Milk thistle contains a number of active substances called flavolignans but it is not known why it has these effects on blood sugar and blood fat regulation. Other natural health remedies that have been used for diabetes include cinnamon, Bitter Melon, Fenugreek, Gymnema Sylvestre and the mineral chromium.