Arthritis Symptoms And Treatments

If you have arthritis, or know someone who does, you know how painful and debilitating the disease can be. The best way to deal with arthritis varies depending on how bad the disease is, where it hurts and how much of an impact it has on your daily life.

Pains in your joints should not be ignored and if you have been experiencing these pains for longer than a few days, don’t ignore them. Your doctor will ask you some questions that will give him more information about the problem. Some questions to be prepared for are how long you have been experiencing the pain, how did it start and what kinds of activities seems to make it worse. Other clues to the problem are what kinds of things makes the pain feel better. For example, you may feel better after a nights sleep.

A specialist isn’t required to make a diagnosis of arthritis and usually a general practitioner can make the determination based on your symptoms. How your symptoms are treated depends heavily on how severe the arthritis is and also where on your body it’s located. There are many remedies that you can make use of at home without going in for physical therapy at a medical center. You may require medications or even surgery. Staying away from the activities that cause pain in your joints as well as losing weight to reduce joint stress are common ways of helping to diminish the pain.

Ordinarily, the first thing that your doctor will recommend is the application of alternating hot and cold compresses. This contrast treatment is known as a good way to treat damage to both tendons and joints as the hot and cold has the effect of reducing inflammation and speeding up healing. There are some vitamin supplements that are also known to help with bone health. Chondroitin and glucosamine are two supplements that research has shown to be beneficial to the development of healthy bones. These are non-prescription supplements that are still being evaluated for their long-term benefits but are showing promise in the short run.

The long chain fatty acids EPA and DHA found in fish oil is another food supplement that can be of great help in fighting arthritis. These fatty acids are known to be powerful tools in fighting inflammation. Found in abundance in the tissue of cold water fish such as salmon and tuna these omega-3 supplements help not only in reducing the inflammation connected with arthritis but also in combating low-level or silent inflammation that simmers for years in your body causing eventual damage to organs and bones. Highly filtered, pharmaceutical grade fish oil supplements are preferable to eating large quantities of fish because the PCBs, mercury and dioxins have been filtered out.

Unfortunately, arthritis is a condition that can be both chronic and progressive. That is, it can stay with you for years and generally continues to get worse. Some patients never experience pain that becomes debilitating and sometimes the symptoms can go away for months or even years. Making sure that you keep your weight down, continue maintaining a diet of fruits and vegetables and engage in regular low-impact exercise such as swimming can be of great help in staving off the progression of the disease.




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