Balance Your Hormones

A recent national newspaper article highlighted the importance of diet and nutritional supplements for couples who have had problems conceiving or have had repeated miscarriages. Foresight, the charitable organisation for pre-conceptual care, takes hair samples from both partners for mineral and toxic metal analysis. A diet and nutritional supplement programme is devised based on the results to detox heavy metals, correct deficiencies and balance hormones.

Mrs Barnes the founder says “Quite often what is preventing a healthy conception can be a simple lack of zinc in the woman or selenium in the man”. Foresight also advise that both partners should give up alcohol, cigarettes and drugs for at least 4 months before trying for a baby.

A woman who had suffered four miscarriages and spent £5,000 on IVF said it did not sound too bad and was not a lot to ask. She and her partner both followed the progamme and found that it was well worth it as they were surprised that she became pregnant very quickly and had a healthy child.

Several years later they wanted another baby but she had another miscarriage. They went straight back on the Foresight programme and had a second successful pregnancy.

Some might say this is just coincidence but Foresight have so many success stories that it is hard to refute. Couples should also be screened for genito-urinary conditions such as chlamydia which can be present with no symptoms causing infertility.

Couples following the Foresight Program have good pregancies, easy labours with no complications like premature labours, cesarian sections or inductions of labour.


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