Banish Osteoarthrits Pain with Frankincense

The Natural Health Remedy Frankincense has been shown to relieve the pain of osteoarthritis sufferers in as little a seven days. Researchers gave an enriched extract of the Indian herb Boswelia Serrata, known also as Frankincense, to 70 men and women with osteoarthritis of the knee for 90 days. Pain and stiffness were improved by up to two thirds according to the published report.

The herbal remedy is free of the severe side effects such as gastric irritation and ulceration that are normally associated with long term use of pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs that are often prescribed for the treatment of arthritis.

This comes as no surprise to Ayurvedic doctors as Indian Frankincense has been used as a herbal remedy in traditional Indian Medicine for the treatment of inflammatory condition such as arthritis, asthma and colitis for thousands of years.

But this was the first time that researchers had used an extract of the herb that was enriched with a type of Boswellic acid that is thought to be the most active part of the plant.

The use of this gummy resin substance extracted from the native Indian Boswellia tree is not new to practitioners of Alternative Medicine as it is often included in natural health remedies for arthritis. Boswellic Acids have proven anti-inflammatory effects and the remedies containing it have been used for a variety of inflammatory conditions.

Although it was generally believed that osteoarthritis did not involve much inflammation the blood tests on the participants of the study showed that it blocked enzymes that are involved in the production of leukotrienes which contribute to inflammation.

An additional benefit is that the extract, 5-Loxin, can inhibit the enzymes that break down cartilage and collagen in the joint that causes the pain. Boswellia has also been found to improve blood supply to the joints.

All natural Health remedies work better if the person also adopts certain diet and lifestyle changes. For example certain foods can contribute to inflammation and others can have anti-inflammatory effects.

Avoid these foods that promote inflammation:

  • Red meats from corn-fed, antibiotic/hormone laden animals
  • Saturated fats such as lard and meat fats
  • Fried foods
  • Partially hydrogenated (trans fats) found in margarines, chips, candies, cereals and baked goods
  • Cooking oils that are exclusively corn, safflower, sunflower or soy based
  • Soft drinks (both high sugar and diet varieties)

Concentrate on these foods:

  • Include a colorful variety of fruits & vegetables
  • Wild seafood or organic farmed fish (much fish is high in mercury and other toxins)
  • Lean poultry, pulses
  • Wholegrains and seeds such as amaranth and quinoa
  • Walnuts, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds
  • Virgin Olive is a source of oleic acid, another anti-inflammatory
  • Use natural anti-oxidant herbs and spices such as turmeric, ginger, garlic, oregano
  • Drink plenty of pure water, fresh fruit and vegetable juices, herbal teas and green tea.

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