Green Tea Boosts Detox

Its heartening to know that the current craze for drinking green tea is actually good for you. The tea shelves in supermarkets are absolutely loaded with a huge variety of green tea. Garden centre coffee shops to motorway service cafes are now offering green tea alongside the more traditional black teas. So what’s so special about it?

Researchers at the Arizona Cancer Center have discovered that a green tea concentrate boosted the production of some vital enzymes in people whose levels were low. They gave a concentrate of the natural chemicals found in green tea known as catechins in an amount equivalent to to drinking 8 – 16 cup to 42 people. These potent antioxidants increased detox enzymes by 80%.

The key enzymes glutathione-S- transferase are thought to be vital to defend the body against cancer causing chemicals and toxins. People with low levels of these enzymes due to genetics or environmental factors have an increased risk of cancer. The detox enzyme system convert known cancer causing agents into non toxic substances which can then be safely got rid of by the body.

Green tea has been the subject of many studies since it was observed that Japanese and Chinese populations who habitually drink it have lower rates of cancer although they concede that other factors may be involved.

There are a number of detox enxyme systems in the liver that play key roles in detoxification. Previous research has shown that various substances in food, certain vitamins and minerals can all help boost the detox pathways in the body. Many natural cancer therapies employ the use of these specific foods and nutrients to detoxify and regenerate the body.

Don’t wait until you have cancer, learn how to detox and prevent it.


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