Candida Albicans Causes Many Thrush Infections

Candida Albicans  infection causes nearly one hundred percent of all yeast infections. Not exactly  either age or gender specific, Candidiasis infections flourish within most moist warm areas on the body like the oral cavity, penis, vagina, arm pits, fingernails and toenails.

This yeast is always within each of us however is only allowed to prosper when the body’s pH balance starts to rise in acidity. This pH imbalance may be caused by stress, diet, external forces and hormonal imbalances.

Of the many known infections, Candida albicans causes many vaginal candidiasis. With the increasing numbers of the fungus within the vaginal walls, a woman typically begins to notice burning and itching inside the vagina.

Left untreated a slight burning and itching becomes extremely painful sensation with a white or yellow vaginal dis-charge. Once the infection increases milky curd like material is discharged from the vaginal canal. An unusual discomfort or pain, during intercourse or even while urinating, is usually a positive sign of a yeast infection, caused by Candida.

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Oral thrush, also a Candida albicans caused candidiasis yeast infection, is contained within the mouth. Yeast infection symptoms display them selves as white curd like smear on a red background and can be found around the top or bottom of the top, inside the mouth area, on the palate and down the throat. More advanced infections cause the mouth and tongue to continuously bleed, which makes it challenging to eat or drink. Lack of fluids is a major problem in those people suffering from oral thrush.

Men can also have Candida albicans symptoms on their penis. Generally they are infected by a Candida contaminated sexual partner, symptoms include pus and a blotchy skin on the head of the penis.

Diaper rash is also a Candida albicans caused treatable infection. If handled early most diaper rash infections can be maintained and controlled from continual recurrence. By keeping the area dry, clean and covered with the barrier cream can go a long way in eradicating the problem.

The elderly, especially denture wearers, typically have yeast infection problems within their mouth. Most Candida albicans causes of yeast infection can be controlled through better oral hygiene and using proper care of their dentures.

Candida albicans causes  infections of the toenail and fingernail. Broken red skin with white blotches and occasional presence of pus is a positive sign of a yeast infection of the fingers and toes.

Although Candida albicans yeast infections are typical in most individuals, treatment in the majority of the individual cases is easy. Basically purchasing a yeast infection topical cream or suppository is generally sufficient enough to eliminate or perhaps manage your infection. For all those more involved cases it’s recommended to seek the care of your doctor.



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