Foods That Contains Antioxidants

By Christopher Hudson

As far as the antioxidants are concerned, they have nothing to do with the supplements. You will find numerous foods in which you can find the antioxidants. This will certainly surprise those people who are in search of the food that contains the antioxidants. Almost all the bright colored food items contain the antioxidants. These are found in large number of plants.

As far as the bright colored foods are concerned, they have the intense concentration of the vitamins, polyphenols, carotenoids as well as the minerals as well. There are various types of the anti-oxidants that are found in various foods. They are as follows:

The first one is the carotenoids. They are the common antioxidants which are found in the foods and they do different things. They are generally of yellow, orange or red colors. Some of the Common carotenoids are like alpha and beta-carotene, zeaxanthin, beta-cryptoxanthin and lycopene. You can also find them in some vegetables which include the pumpkins, apricots, sweet potato and some other brightly colored vegetables.

Vitamin A, as we all know is quite popular for its effect on the eyes. You cannot dream to have the healthy eyes without the intake of the vitamin A. Thus makes sure that you have the vitamin A in plenty. Only then you will be able to keep your eyes healthy. Almost all the green vegetables contain the vitamin A. This is certainly quite important as well. It is also find in the beef levers as well as the eggs.

As far as the vitamin C is concerned, it is used for the synthesis of the collagen. It is important for the eyes health and is very important for the brain function as well. Your mood also depends upon these nutrients. It is also important for the components of the blood vessels, ligaments, tendons and many more.

You can find the vitamin C in various citrus fruits, cauliflowers, berries and many more food items as well. The vitamin E also acts as the antioxidants. It maintains the reliability in the cell membrane. It also plays a very important role as far as the communication between the cells and the genetic activities as well. They are found in carrots, broccoli, greens and also many other foods as well.

Zinc is also very important for the integrity of the cell membrane. They are certainly quite great for the body. Thus we see that there are many food items that contain the antioxidants.