Does Red Meat Cause Cancer?

According to a major report from the US National Cancer Institute red meat and processed meat eaters are 25% more likely to be diagnosed with bowel cancer and 20 % with lung cancer. The scientists stated that 1 in 10 cases of lung and bowel cancer could be prevented if people cut down on lamb, beef, pork, sausages, ham and bacon. Red meat intake was also associated with an elevated risk for cancers of the esophagus and liver.

This large study involved analyzing the detailed diet questionnaires completed by nearly half a million people. It took into account factors such as smoking but the researchers state that other factors like obesity and income could have an influence. Many other factors spring to mind that could have an influence too.

I would want to know what sort of red meat do these people eat. Was it organic, free range or intensively reared. Is it grain fed or grass fed? How was it cooked? How much barbecued meat did these folk eat? Was it cooked in a microwave oven?

Barbecued meat is contaminated with cancer causing deposits from the smoke. Microwaving damages fats and denatures protein. Intensively reared animals are fed a pesticide laden unnatural diet of grain which is probably GMO. Antibiotics and hormones are routinely pumped into them to control illness and promote rapid growth. Residues remain in the meat that is then eaten.

What about their bowel habits? How much fibre do they eat? The majority of people are constipated these days. This allows meat to remain in the bowel a lot longer than it should and it starts to putrefy. The substances produced are toxic to the bowel and liver so it is hardly surprising that this type of red meat causes cancer of the bowel and liver.

Various cultures have included “natural” red meat in their diets regularly. but they also had much more fibre in their diets than modern man. They did not suffer from the diseases that we suffer from today. Many nutritionists and nutritionally minded doctors believe that it is the modern methods of farming and cooking that has made red meat appear to be the problem and not the meat itself.

To help prevent cancer reduce your intake of red meat if it is usually high. Choose grass fed and free range or organic meat. Eat a wide variety of fresh vegetables and fruit every day and make sure your diet includes plenty of fibre. Avoid barbecued meats, microwaved and fried foods.

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