Celery Juice is a Natural Cure for High Blood Pressure

The fact that the frequent intake of fresh fruit and vegetable juices with a healthy diet can lower blood pressure has been known for a long time but a recent experiment showed that celery juice is a natural cure for high blood pressure.

Blood pressure is the force exerted by the blood pushing against the walls of the arteries as the heart pumps out blood. If the pressure rises above normal it can over time cause a lot of damage to your body. It can triple your risk of heart attack, increase your risk of stroke and can damage your kidneys and eyes.

Although various types of drugs can be used to lower blood pressure they have a variety of side effects such as fatigue, weakness, insomnia, cold hands and feet, chronic cough, dizziness, constipation , headache, dry mouth and many more that some people are not willing to tolerate. They turn instead to natural health remedies or natural cures.

Doctor’s experiment proves celery juice can lower blood pressure

The ability of celery to reduce high blood pressure has long been recognized by Chinese medicine. Some studies have shown that drinking celery juice every day for 1 week can help lower blood pressure. In a recent experiment using celery juice, a doctor from a well known alternative center in the USA resulted in her father’s systolic blood pressure (the top figure) reducing from 148 to 128 and her own from 120 to 105.

They both drank celery juice from one bunch of celery mixed with a little orange juice to counteract the bitterness that celery juice sometimes has, every day for a month. The fact that the frequent intake of fresh fruit and vegetable juices can lower blood pressure has been known for a long time but it was always presumed that it was the high intake of potassium, other minerals and antioxidants in the juices that did it.

Celery contains the compound 3-n-butyl-phthalide which relaxes the muscles in the walls of the arteries which widens them and allows the blood to fow more freely thorugh them. Pthalides also reduce stress hormones which can cause blood vessels to constrict.

In a previous post I wrote about the research that showed that beet juice is also effective for lowering blood pressure through the formation of nitrite which dilates blood vessels. So instead of sweetening the celery juice with orange juice why not try beet juice. The two make an ideal combination.

Other diet and lifestyle changes can help reduce high blood pressure:

  • Increase fruit and vegetables and whole grains
  • Reduce and preferable eliminate sugar and salt
  • Restrict animal fat
  • Eat more low mercury oily fish or take some Omega 3 capsules
  • Limit alcohol to one drink a day
  • Lose weight if overweight
  • Increase exercise – walking, swimming and cycling are good
  • Reduce stress – try yoga or meditation
  • Give up smoking

Although you would probably never think that celery juice is a natural cure for blood high pressure it seems that in combination with a health diet and lifestyle it can improve your health no end.

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