How To Get Rid Of Your Cellulite With A Natural Health Remedy Plan

It is estimated that 90% of women have had cellulite at some time in their lives. Cellulite is that horrible, unsightly dimpled orange peel look you get on the skin on your thighs and buttocks but you can get it in others areas such as the abdomen and upper arms. Women everywhere want to know the secrets of how to get rid of cellulite.

It is much more common in women although men can get it too. It is believed to be due to a combination of factors including, poor circulation and lymph drainage resulting in toxin accumulation, poor diet and digestion, poor liver function, lack of exercise, and excess estrogen, smoking, and too much alcohol. Excess estrogen probably plays a big part in it and that is why it is more common in women.

The hormone estrogen is blamed for the breakdown of connective tissue in the areas that are genetically programmed to store fat – tum, bum and thighs. The fat deposits in these cells just below the skin surface then appear more pronounced giving it that dimpled look.

Other hormones such as insulin, thyroid and adrenal hormones may also be involved. You might think that it’s a condition that affects overweight people but thin people get it too.

So with all these factors involved where do you begin to get rid of the unsightly condition? There are many expensive creams and treatments that can help on a superficial level but don’t do anything for the root causes. There is no doubt that the natural remedies of healthy eating combined with exercise are the fastest route to smooth thighs and buttocks.

Here is a natural remedy plan to help you get rid of cellulite


A good diet is important for any health problem. Avoid foods that are high in sugar, fat, salt, caffeine and alcohol. Eat plenty of fresh cleansing vegetables and fruit and drink 1½ liters filtered water a day to help flush out toxins. Try adding 1 -2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice to a glass of water first thing in the morning.

Eat liver cleansing foods such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, artichoke, garlic, beet (beetroot), and bitter leaves like dandelion, chicory and endive which can be added to salads. Sprinkle some seaweed flakes like Seagreens onto your salads for added minerals and iodine that is needed for good thyroid function.

Eat whole grains like brown rice, oats, millet and quinoa to provide more fiber to make sure your bowels move well every day. The liver detoxes excess estrogen this way and it can get reabsorbed if you are not eliminating it.

A handful of fresh nuts and seeds and the use of a little flaxseed oil and olive oil on vegetables or salads will provide essential fatty acids to help repair the cell according to Dr Murad an authority on cellulite.

Give up smoking

Smoking constricts the blood vessels impairing the circulation and is thought to damage the connective tissue in your body. This causes the dimpled effect in cellulite. Caffeine can have the same effect.

Balance your hormones

Avoid the contraceptive pill which is known to contribute cellulite. The liver detoxifies excess estrogen so good liver function is essential. Cleansing the liver can help. Avoid environmental estrogens – avoid heating foods in plastic containers, use natural household cleansers and personal care products and perfume. Buy hormone free meat and dairy products.


Exercise will help stimulate the circulation and burn fat. Anaerobic exercises that target specific areas like the thighs, buttocks or arms are proven to help reduce cellulite. Anaerobic simply means exercise that where the cells do not burn oxygen. Consistently doing squats and leg curls or arm lifts can help shift ugly cellulite.

Aerobic activities such as running, jogging, walking, and/or swimming are great ways to get the blood and lymphatic circulation moving. Step-by-step instructions for how to do specific exercises for cellulite is just one of the things you can find in can be found in
Banish CelluliteOnce And For All

Yoga, according to one study at the Mind Body Institute is the best exercise. Yoga boosts lymph activity helping to eliminate toxins and fluid retention, improves digestion and elimination and tones the muscles all of which can improve your cellulite.

Skin Brushing

Dry skin brushing also stimulates the lymph circulation to remove the trapped toxins.Use a natural long handled bristle brush and brush your entire body working in long sweeping strokes from your toes always towards your heart. Do it lightly at first and increase the pressure as your skin becomes used to it. Brush before you shower every morning.

Reduce Stress

As stress hormones are suspected to contribute to cellulite take steps to try to reduce and avoid stress. Yoga and meditation can help here too. exercise helps to reduce stress hormones.

More Secrets To Banishing Cellulite

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