The Complete Lung Detoxification Guide Review

Generally anything we have trouble doing without is certain to be affecting out health. I’m sure you know that smoking is a dangerous habit for your lungs but did you know that it is  a dangerous and destructive habit for your entire body.  The good news is that the Complete Lung Detoxification Guide can help you quit smoking and guide you through lung detox with ease.

You can eventually clean your lungs and return them to a more healthy state if you just quit smoking but this can take ten years or more. The Complete Lung Detoxification Guide will not only help you make giving up smoking more enjoyable but it will help detox your lungs of the tar and chemicals from cigarettes in just a few months.

Sounds too good to be true right?

Well, let’s take a close look at this guide

William Renolds and Mark Freeman, two researchers with backgrounds in biology and studies in natural remedies, alternative health, and eastern and western medicine, have recognised the need to help ex-smokers detox their lungs of all the cigarette leftovers from their smoking days.

If you find the idea of going without cigarettes unthinkable then this is the plan for you. The Complete Lung Detoxification Guide really does help you quit smoking and reduce that cleansing time down to a fraction of what it would take usually.

They recognise the fact that excellent lung health comes not just from a single cure all pill, but from the psychological state of mind your are in for quitting smoking as well as physical aspects of detoxification.

They clearly outline the actual methods you need to use to cleanse your lungs of the tar and cigarette toxins that really are the root cause of lung disease. The toxic chemicals will cause lung infections and eventually lung cancer and  while the tar irritates and clogs up your airways trapping the toxins in your lungs where they destroy your lung cells and make breathing difficult.

The Lung Detox Guide goes into the foods that you can use as a natural remedy for lung cleansing and to boost your overall detox system. It reveals the specific vitamin that is essential to purging your lungs of cigarette filth and how to use it to lessen the the effects of the nicotine withdrawal. You also get specific exercises designed to strengthen your lungs and dislodge tar.

All this is just in ONE part of the guide; there are three other eBooks that are included as well! The first 2 books reveal how you can quit smoking. The insights into your physical and psychological addiction will open your eyes to how you can really kick the habit. You will discover how to construct a long term quitting plan that will make you NEVER relapse to smoking again!

The third book goes into how to detox your lungs and turn them pink and healthy again so you feel really healthy again. In the fourth book you will discover how stress is so harmful to your body and lung detox and how to reduce it.

So, if you are tired of having cigarettes control your life or you have already given up but are still suffering with the damage it has done to your lungs you will want to get this revolutionary Lung Detoxification Guide. Follow the easy step-by-step plan and overcome the fear of bronchitis, respiratory infections and cancer.  Find out more here: Complete Lung Detoxification Guide


Natural Detoxification vs. Purification

If there is someone trying to gain a deep and holistic understanding of the body and mind, the topic of purification versus natural detoxification is a critical important one. Various people can be misguided but these are actually two different, though related phenomena. It gives rise to a host of mis-perceptions and confusions.

The idea of natural detoxification has been present in traditional and holistic forms of medicine throughout the world. For example, in Chinese medicine, which has a history of at least five thousand years, we have the accumulations of what are called dampness or phlegm. These types of accumulations are considered to be toxic.

Once again, when we are talking about purification we are actually referring to the smoothing out, cleaning out and aligning of the electromagnetic fields within the body-mind matrix. This means that the various obstructions, obscurations, bends, twists, snarls, snags, and places of blockage within the flow of those electromagnetic fields. These are the stresses, difficulties, confusions and tensions of the mind and the emotions.

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The Ultimate Raw Food Detox Diet Starts January – Commit to change your health now!

It’s not too soon to be planning your next year’s detox diet. So many people have been begging and pleading with Dr Ritamarie and Tera Warner for another amazing 6 week deep tissue, raw food detox diet program that they have agreed to run one in January.

Although, according to Chinese Medicine and other authorities, Spring is the best time to detox many people feel in the mood and are most motivated to make changes in January. After the excess of the holiday season many people feel they need to detox. If you are tired, miserable, aching or overweight you are toxic!

Every year we hear the same old thing. In January when the newspapers and magazines are full of detox and weight loss diets, some outspoken doctors and dietitians are saying it’s a waste of time, effort and money because your body detoxes all the time.

Toxin overload

Well, your cells do try to detox themselves every day. You liver, the major detox organ, detoxifies many chemicals and other toxins that get into your body through the water you drink, your food, the air you breathe and products that you put on your skin.

But, researchers have discovered that a huge number of chemicals get stored in our bodies. They are in your blood and fatty tissues interfering with how your cells function. Your body gets overwhelmed with our modern world chemicals you cannot avoid these days however hard you try. You liver simply can’t cope any more with the incredible volume of toxins in our modern day world.

Industrial wastes, hormone disruptors in plastics, formaldehyde and insect deterrents in carpets, VOCs in paints and varnishes, pesticides on your food … are just some of the toxins that undermine your health.

Toxins cause many health problems

Some of the very latest published research confirms that there is a link between the level of the Bisphenol A in your urine and the risk of diabetes, heart disease and liver disease. This is a toxic substance that is used in the production of drink and food containers, food can linings and babies bottles. It leaches from the plastic into your food and water and gets into your body.

It is also known that chronic exposure to the herbicide Atrazine causes insulin resistance, and dysfunction in the mitochondria, the little powerhouses of your cells that produce energy. Insulin resistance is involved in Diabetes Type 2, weight loss problems and polycystic ovary syndrome.

Other research shows that toxic metals such as mercury, lead, or cadmium interfere with the way energy is produced in your cells which correlates with the increased risk to various chronic diseases.

Latest research proves detox works

Researchers have shown that detox, when done properly, results in real health changes. Blood tests prove that biochemistry changes and liver detox pathways improve.

If you have real health problems a short detox is not enough to turn your health around. You might get the “feel good factor” but a properly designed detox program will really dissolve and eliminates the toxins that have been lingering in your body for years!

Your program coaches

Dr Ritamarie is a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Certified Clinical Nutritionist with a Master of Science in Human Nutrition. She is probably one of the world’s leading authorities on a raw food detox and cleansing. She cured herself of health problems with a raw food detox. Tera Warner is a superb health coach and organizer of the deep tissue cleanse. She has helped support thousands of women on their journey back to health.

If you are struggling with poor health, can’t lose weight, have low energy, water retention, cravings for bad food, constipation, indigestion, poor sleep, stress, or just niggling symptoms then this powerful 6 week detox is just the thing.

You can do it!

If you are concerned that you could not do a raw food diet for that long there are 3 different diets to choose from depending on your previous experience and your current diet. Cooked food choices will be given as alternatives to raw food for the first weeks. It will be adapted for you so you can do it. Many people have already experienced the great health benefits that result from a properly managed detox and you can too.

Find out more about it here: 6 Week Deep Tissue Detox

Raw Food Detox Diet – Turbo Charge Your Health with a Deep Tissue Detox Diet

The Raw Divas have put together an incredible 6 week raw food deep tissue detox so you can get back the health and energy you deserve. If you are struggling with poor health, can’t lose weight, have low energy, water retention, cravings for bad food, constipation, indigestion, poor sleep, stress, or just niggling symptoms then a powerful detox is just the thing.

Cleanse away poor health

This raw food detox can cleanse away those deep toxins that have been lingering in your body for years and turbo charge your health. If 6 weeks sounds like a long and painful task then then don’t worry. This is a slow, gentle detox that allows you to carry on your everyday work efficiently and does not stress your body.

Your Detox Consultant

The Raw Divas have enlisted the help of Dr Ritamarie Loscalzo as your Health Educator and Detox Consultant. Dr Ritamarie understands what you are going through. She recovered from adrenal exhaustion, and a toxicity related illness with detoxification and by following a fresh whole food diet. She discovered a level of health and energy that she never knew was possible.

She has since studied Functional Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, Chiropractic and Acupuncture and will incorporate the wisdom of ancient healing with modern functional medicine into the program.

Your detox system is all choked up

It is an indisputable fact that we all take in toxins on a daily basis. Researchers have shown that we all have a number of toxic chemicals in our bodies that our natural detox system simply cannot handle. The only way to release these toxins that damage your cells and organs is through detox.

Don’t imagine for a minute though that you can get rid of all the toxins that have invaded your body over many years in one short detox however hard you try. Regular periods of detox are essential and a deep tissue cleanse once a year could improve your health dramatically.

Ground breaking 6 week tissue cleanse

In this ground breaking 6 week detox you will discover which foods clear toxins from your body and strengthen your liver’s detox system so you can deal with the inevitable toxic exposure in this polluted world.

The program is based on raw foods but they supply a selection of cooked food alternatives if you don’t feel you can do an all raw detox to begin with. You get menu suggestions for 60 days that will be easy for you to follow. With six support teleseminars, three different detox plans to choose from and a private forum to interact with other participants you cannot go wrong.

The cleanse starts on 19th April so If you are still struggling with any health problem then I recommend that you take a look at what the Raw Divas have put together for you. ( This Program is no longer available)




Detox Diet Recipes

Fruit and vegetables and their juices have figured high in detox diets and detox diet recipes in many health systems for thousands of years.

It turns out that your Mom was right when she said, “Eat your vegetables.” Vegetables are healthy for all sorts of reasons. They are nutrient dense -full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, natural plant chemicals that have many beneficial effects on our health, and fiber. You can understand why they are used in detox diets recipes.

These days we have such a huge choice of vegetables that it is impossible to say you don’t like vegetables. It is so easy to get plenty of variety in your detox diet.

Non starchy vegetables are low on the glycemic scale. This means that they do not trigger insulin so are great for diabetics, insulin resistance (Syndrome X), healthy weight loss and maintenance as well as for detox.

Researcher have discovered that certain substances activate the 2 detox pathways of the liver known as Phase 1 & Phase 2.

The foods that activate Phase I pathway are:

Cabbage, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts.
Oranges and tangerines (but not grapefruit)
Caraway and dill seeds.
High protein foods

Foods that activate the Phase 2 pathway or help supply nutrients that are involved in this pathway are:

Cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts cauliflower, cabbage, kale, bok choy cress, mustard, horseradish, turnips, rutabagas (swede), kohlrabi, red beets(beetroot), asparagus, avocado, walnuts.
Foods containing limonene – oranges, tangerines and their peel, caraway and dill seeds. watermelon, papayas and avocados.

An abundance of fruit and vegetables help to supply the nutrients that the liver needs to transform the toxins into substances that the the body can get rid of more easily.

Animal proteins are usually excluded as they take a lot of energy to digest. By using lighter and more easily digested foods more energy can be put into detox.

If you don’t know how to incorporate these foods into a detox diet or are bored with your usual detox recipes then you will be delighted to know that I have just put together a brand new Detox & Cleanse recipe eBook.”50 Easy & Delicious Recipes for Detox & Cleansing”. It contains over 70 recipes. With contributions from top detox centers and chefs I had so many tried and tested detox diet recipes that was not able to stop at 50!

You can easily create an endless variety of delicious, healthy detox meals for yourself and you can even use many of the recipes for the rest of the family as part of their meal.

It’s not too late to go on that 14 day summer detox to look your best on the beach. Detox diet recipes are a healthy no brainer way to change your diet and transform your life and your health for the better. You get the Recipe eBook free when you get my Definitive Detox Diet. To read more about my Detox Diet eBook Click Here


Quit Smoking and Prevent Emphysema Now with Lung Detox

Have you just decided to quit smoking again after hearing that the singer Amy Winehouse has just been diagnosed with emphysema? Cigarette smoking is the major cause of emphysema, a serious disease of the lungs. If you quit smoking now you can prevent many health problems associated with it including emphysema, lung cancer, high cholesterol, hardening of the arteries and blood clots.

Smoking deprives your body of oxygen poisoning you with carbon monoxide which causes death of nerve cells. Smoking poisons you with the toxic metal cadmium which blocks the function of a vital mineral zinc, increases copper which causes depression. You want to smoke or drink to feel better. It becomes a vicious cycle so its not surprising that it is hard to quit smoking.

How does it cause emphysema?

Smoking irritates the lungs and certain clean up cells of the immune system try to get rid of the particles that you inhale. In certain people with a genetic defect the side effect of this clean up is that a protein substance that enables the lungs to expand and contract is destroyed. The lungs loose their elasticity and you find it hard to breathe.

Natural remedies can help you quit smoking

There are many natural remedies that claim to help you quit smoking from acupuncture to herbs such as St John’s Wort that increase certain brain chemicals that make you feel good. People who are addicted to smoking are thought to have an imbalance of these brain chemicals known as neurotransmitters. Others with these imbalances take drugs because they can also make them feel good too.

There is evidence that eating lightly makes it easier to give up. Eat as many fresh fruit and vegetables as you can. You can still eat some animal protein but make vegetables or fruit 80 % of each meal. Eat mainly fruit for breakfast with a little plain live sugar free yogurt.

A 36 hour juice fast can also lessen cravings for cigarettes considerably. Try 4 – 6 8 oz vegetable or fruit juices a day over a week-end while you rest as much as possible. Use organic produce to avoid more toxins. Break the fast by eating a small salad or some fruit.

Lung Detox

You could also try a lung detox. David Rhodes has written a no frills, no fluff guide with an easy 5 part plan to help you detox your lungs and easily quit smoking. Following this plan will make it much easier to give up smoking however many times you have tried and failed. The book contains detailed information about natural remedies to detox your lungs clearing then of tar and toxins that lead to emphysema.

With the right food supplements, vitamins and exercise you can detox the toxins from your lungs in less than 1 year. Many people have testified to the effectiveness of this program.

He does include one drug based remedy but he includes it for good reason. You do not have to use this if you are totally opposed to drugs. There are natural alternatives such as steam inhalations with the addition of 3 – 5 drops in total of the essential oils of eucalyptus, thyme and rosemary.

I think you could also add Vitamin C to his plan. Smoking destroys Vitamin C and all smokers are likely to be deficient in it. Adding 3 – 6 grams of Vitamin C a day in divided doses can help detox nicotine and make good the deficiency. If you take too much it can upset your bowels so start with the lower dose and gradually work up to the higher dose. Most smokers can tolerate this dose easily. A buffered or neutral pH vitamin C will not upset your stomach.

You can quit smoking easily and help your lungs turn from toxic black to a healthy pink in under a year by following this simple plan. Learn more about it now.

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Detox Diet – Is It Worth It?

It is natural at this time of the year to make resolutions to get fitter, slimmer and healthier and many people embark on a detox diet hoping to shed a few pounds or feel less congested after the excesses of the Christmas and New Year festivities.

But with newspaper reports that Dr Andrew Wedge, the Government Chief Scientist at the Food Standards Agency UK, has posted comments on their blog that detox is a lot of nonsense you might be forgiven for wondering if its worth the bother of following a detox diet at all.

Although Dr Wedge correctly states that we have a very good inbuilt detox system called the liver he conveniently seems to forget or ignores the fact that most people do not treat their livers well.

The liver does an incredible job trying to cope with the daily function of neutralizing and eliminating toxins that come from within our bodies as well as from withoutbut it can become overwhelmed. We are constantly bombarded with chemicals from air pollution inside our homes as well as outside, toxins from food and the water you drink.

Yes, the pollution in your home is worse than the pollution out side according to Professor Burchett of the University of Technology , Sydney.

And yes, tap water is toxic too. A recent report from the Royal Society of Chemistry revealed that improved testing procedures showed that tap water does contain potentially harmful chemicals that are unable to be processed by current water treatments. So drinking tap water as Dr Wedge recommends will add to the liver’s detox burden.

Sophisticated laboratory tests show that many people with chronic health problems and symptoms that doctor’s cannot put a name to are suffering from poor liver detoxification. Researchers have shown that their symptoms and health can be improved by eating certain foods and taking certain nutrients that help support the liver detox pathways.

Blood tests performed at a number of laboratories agree that we are all full of potentially dangerous chemicals that our livers have been unable to detoxify. The fact is that our livers are strugging to cope with the amount of chemicals it is presented with every with every day.

Detox and cleansing centers and research facilities worldwide have proved that peoples health can be improved with carefully designed detox plans. The success of the New York detox program for the 7/11 rescue workers who were suffering the effects of toxic chemicals is but one example.

Dr Wedge is right when he says that there are lot of supplements on the market that are a waste of money. One day detox supplements are not going to do much for you except maybe kickstart you on a better diet. To detox any significant amount of chemicals from your body takes time and effort.

Although, according to many authorities, the best time to foloow a detox program is springtime if you are feeling sluggish and congested after the holiday season then you are likely to feel better if you eat lightly, drink pure water and and get some exercise to increase blood circulation to the liver.

But if you suffer with chronic health problems or niggling symptoms then following a good nutritionally balanced detox program can often bring about real improvements.

To find out more about liver detox request your free Detox Report here



Detox – Pre-Tox & Milk Thistle

Some journalists are advocating going on a “pre-tox” in preparation for the festive season. This, they explain, means doing a short detox so that you do not have to worry about over indulging in alcohol and rich food that you will be plied with at all the pre-Christmas parties as well as the large meal you might eat on Christmas day. Then of course there are the New Year celebrations to get through.

Well, now I have heard everything. This just shows the ignorance that surrounds the concept of detoxification. Do they think that you can detoxify in 1 week? Well it’s just not possible. Do they really think that the idea of detox is so you can go and re-toxify?

A lifetime’s collection of toxins are simply not able to be expelled in 7 days or even 14 days. Of course I am not saying that 7 or 14 days on a good detox program would not be of some benefit. But to suggest that people go on a detox with the idea that they can then not feel guilty or worry about overloading the liver with alcohol and rich fatty food is simply too ridiculous for words.

In fact going on a detox in preparation for the winter season if you live in an area where it gets colder is a good idea. It can help boost the immune system in preparation for all the germs you might be exposed to as more people tend to suffer from colds and flu in the winter and tend to be in huddled indoors more.

If you are worried about the effects of extra alcohol on your liver then the herb Milk Thistle would be useful to take. It is sometimes known as Silymarin because the beneficial compound contained in the plant is called Silymarin.

Milk thistle has antioxidant properties and is a very powerful herb that can help regenerate liver cells. It can help neutralize toxins that find their way into the liver cells as well as preventing toxins entering liver cells. It is used to help treat alcoholic liver disease or prevent it in heavy drinkers.

Not all Milk Thistle products contain enough of the active substance to be effective so make sure that the supplement you choose contains 80% Silymarin. Herbal liver supplements often combine Milk Thistle with dandelion, artichoke extract and liquorice to help the flow of bile which carries toxins out of the liver.

To find out more about detox and detox diets get my free report at The Detox Specialist Blog.



Mercury in Fish may be Poisoning You

Mercury is a toxic metal that has been shown to interfere with immune function, has been linked to heart disease and strokes, can damage the nervous system of unborn children and may contribute to autism.

Symptoms such as headaches, irritability, memory loss, confusion, tremors, numbness and tingling in hands and feet, loss of scalp hair, depression and metallic taste in mouth were found to be related to mercury poisoning from eating fish by one internal medicine specialist.

Tuna, marlin, shark, swordfish, Chilean sea bass and grouper are known to have high levels of mercury in their flesh but this is only one way adults and children are exposed to this toxic metal. Mothers can pass mercury to their babies prior to birth or through breast milk afterwards.

How fish become contaminated with mercury has been the subject of controversy for many years. Scientists have recently proved that mercury particles expelled as a by-product of burning coal to produce power drop into our oceans and lakes where it is accumulated by oily fish.

Hair analysis has revealed that usually people with the highest levels of mercury have the highest intake of fish. Cutting fish out of their diets reduced the levels and improved the symptoms they were getting.

Some people are good detoxifiers of mercury and once they stop the source then their bodies will slowly excrete it. Others do not readily detoxify it and need to take a substance that will chelate (latch onto) heavy metals and remove them from the body.

The danger with many substances that claim to remove metals from the body is that they can pick up the toxin from one place but deposit it somewhere else such as the brain and then pick up another metal instead

Liquid Zeolite is an amazing substance that will trap mercury and bring it out of the body safely. Zeolite appears to increase the function of one of the liver’s detox pathways releasing the toxins through the urine.

Zeolite’s binding power was proven during the Chernobyl disaster, when tons of it were used to remove radioactive cesium and strontium-90 before they contaminated local water systems.

If you value your health avoid the large fish that are known to accumulate mercury and reduce intake of other fish if it is high. Children, pregnant women and those trying for a baby are advised to avoid tuna, marlin, shark and swordfish.


Green Tea Boosts Detox

Its heartening to know that the current craze for drinking green tea is actually good for you. The tea shelves in supermarkets are absolutely loaded with a huge variety of green tea. Garden centre coffee shops to motorway service cafes are now offering green tea alongside the more traditional black teas. So what’s so special about it?

Researchers at the Arizona Cancer Center have discovered that a green tea concentrate boosted the production of some vital enzymes in people whose levels were low. They gave a concentrate of the natural chemicals found in green tea known as catechins in an amount equivalent to to drinking 8 – 16 cup to 42 people. These potent antioxidants increased detox enzymes by 80%.

The key enzymes glutathione-S- transferase are thought to be vital to defend the body against cancer causing chemicals and toxins. People with low levels of these enzymes due to genetics or environmental factors have an increased risk of cancer. The detox enzyme system convert known cancer causing agents into non toxic substances which can then be safely got rid of by the body.

Green tea has been the subject of many studies since it was observed that Japanese and Chinese populations who habitually drink it have lower rates of cancer although they concede that other factors may be involved.

There are a number of detox enxyme systems in the liver that play key roles in detoxification. Previous research has shown that various substances in food, certain vitamins and minerals can all help boost the detox pathways in the body. Many natural cancer therapies employ the use of these specific foods and nutrients to detoxify and regenerate the body.

Don’t wait until you have cancer, learn how to detox and prevent it.


What is Detox?

Detox. It sounds like a violent process. Actually, your body is performing a detox right now. 24/7 your body stops toxins from harming you through a complex detox system. What are toxins? Any substance that may be harmful to your body is a toxin. Some chemicals that are naturally produced by your body build up faster than they can be eliminated and so become toxic. Other toxins enter our bodies from the outside. They come from the things we eat and drink, the air we breathe, or even the soaps and lotions we put on our skin.

Each persons detox system is unique. Some work better than others do. There are many factors that cause these differences. These factors include genetics, environment, and nutrition. Many diseases and problems we face today can be related to toxic overload. hormonal imbalances, food and chemical sensitivity, fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Cancer, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, infertility and immune system problems, can all be affected by toxin levels in the body.

Your body’s detox system includes the bowel, kidneys, the lymphatic system, skin, lungs and liver. Of these the liver is the key to the whole system. The liver breaks down toxins into forms the other organs can manage. Scientists have developed tests to determine how well the liver is functioning. They also recognize that specific foods and supplements added to a diet(and others avoided) improve the liver’s function, and thus improves other health conditions. The exact principles of detox.

Detox is not a new idea. Healer’s world wide, of different nationalities, different backgrounds, and different beliefs, have been using the principles of detox for thousands of years. Perhaps they did not understand exactly what they were doing, but they saw results. The same results we can see today.

Always seek the advice of a health care professional who has knowledge and experience with detox before attempting a detox if you have a serious condition.

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