The Ultimate Raw Food Detox Diet Starts January – Commit to change your health now!

It’s not too soon to be planning your next year’s detox diet. So many people have been begging and pleading with Dr Ritamarie and Tera Warner for another amazing 6 week deep tissue, raw food detox diet program that they have agreed to run one in January.

Although, according to Chinese Medicine and other authorities, Spring is the best time to detox many people feel in the mood and are most motivated to make changes in January. After the excess of the holiday season many people feel they need to detox. If you are tired, miserable, aching or overweight you are toxic!

Every year we hear the same old thing. In January when the newspapers and magazines are full of detox and weight loss diets, some outspoken doctors and dietitians are saying it’s a waste of time, effort and money because your body detoxes all the time.

Toxin overload

Well, your cells do try to detox themselves every day. You liver, the major detox organ, detoxifies many chemicals and other toxins that get into your body through the water you drink, your food, the air you breathe and products that you put on your skin.

But, researchers have discovered that a huge number of chemicals get stored in our bodies. They are in your blood and fatty tissues interfering with how your cells function. Your body gets overwhelmed with our modern world chemicals you cannot avoid these days however hard you try. You liver simply can’t cope any more with the incredible volume of toxins in our modern day world.

Industrial wastes, hormone disruptors in plastics, formaldehyde and insect deterrents in carpets, VOCs in paints and varnishes, pesticides on your food … are just some of the toxins that undermine your health.

Toxins cause many health problems

Some of the very latest published research confirms that there is a link between the level of the Bisphenol A in your urine and the risk of diabetes, heart disease and liver disease. This is a toxic substance that is used in the production of drink and food containers, food can linings and babies bottles. It leaches from the plastic into your food and water and gets into your body.

It is also known that chronic exposure to the herbicide Atrazine causes insulin resistance, and dysfunction in the mitochondria, the little powerhouses of your cells that produce energy. Insulin resistance is involved in Diabetes Type 2, weight loss problems and polycystic ovary syndrome.

Other research shows that toxic metals such as mercury, lead, or cadmium interfere with the way energy is produced in your cells which correlates with the increased risk to various chronic diseases.

Latest research proves detox works

Researchers have shown that detox, when done properly, results in real health changes. Blood tests prove that biochemistry changes and liver detox pathways improve.

If you have real health problems a short detox is not enough to turn your health around. You might get the “feel good factor” but a properly designed detox program will really dissolve and eliminates the toxins that have been lingering in your body for years!

Your program coaches

Dr Ritamarie is a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Certified Clinical Nutritionist with a Master of Science in Human Nutrition. She is probably one of the world’s leading authorities on a raw food detox and cleansing. She cured herself of health problems with a raw food detox. Tera Warner is a superb health coach and organizer of the deep tissue cleanse. She has helped support thousands of women on their journey back to health.

If you are struggling with poor health, can’t lose weight, have low energy, water retention, cravings for bad food, constipation, indigestion, poor sleep, stress, or just niggling symptoms then this powerful 6 week detox is just the thing.

You can do it!

If you are concerned that you could not do a raw food diet for that long there are 3 different diets to choose from depending on your previous experience and your current diet. Cooked food choices will be given as alternatives to raw food for the first weeks. It will be adapted for you so you can do it. Many people have already experienced the great health benefits that result from a properly managed detox and you can too.

Find out more about it here: 6 Week Deep Tissue Detox