Are Herbal Diet Pills a Big Con?

Herbal diet pills have become increasingly popular because they promise weight loss without real hardship according to a recent article in a national newspaper. Many doctors are concerned over the safety of them. Some herbal diet pills contain stimulants and appetite suppressants which work on the thyroid or hypothalamus. Dr Downing, medical director of The Alliance for Natural Health in the UK, said that you should never buy diet pills that are only available online as their pedigree is dubious and they may not comply with EU regulations.

Various different ingedients are used in over the counter herbal slimming aids such as alfalfa leaf powder which can make you feel full, gymnaema sylvestre which helps with blood sugar regulation, Hoodia complex seems to work as an appetite suppressant, green tea extract which some studies show can increase metabolism, fucus extract from seaweed has a high iodine content which can stimulate the metabolic rate if you lack iodine.

Most herbal diet pills state that they should be used as part of a calorie controlled diet and an exercise program. But a calorie controlled diet and exercise should help you lose weight whatever you take.

Some doctors and natural health practioners believe that toxic chemicals make you fat. The body has a naturally designed slimming system that is made up of a complex network of hormones that regulate appetite, blood sugar levels and metabolism. According to Dr Paula Baillie-Hamilton an expert on environmental medicine, the natural slimming system in the body is being poisoned by the toxic chemicals we encounter in our daily lives.

She claims that virtually all the 21st century chemicals we are exposed to in our food and environment may have some sort of weight altering effect even at low levels. These include a wide range of pesticides, heavy metals, plastics, solvents, medicines, environmental pollutants and fire retardants.

Fortunately this can be reversed by taking steps to avoid toxic chemicals and metals as far as possible, following a good detox diet plan several times a year that supports liver detox, maintaining a healthy balanced diet, and getting regular exercise.


Eat Your Greens to Prevent Prostate Cancer

Well we always knew that we had to eat up our greens because they were good for us didn’t we? Scientists claim that eating broccoli and cauliflower twice a week can cut the risk of prostate cancer by almost 50%. Researchers from the National Cancer Institute in Maryland revealed yesterday that the results of a four year study on 29,000 men showed that those who ate cauliflower or broccoli at least once a week had far fewer fast growing tumors which spread rapidly through the body. They claimed that broccoli cuts the risk by 45% and cauliflower by 52%.

Cancer charities have pointed out that they have long advised an intake of a variety of fruit and vegetables to help protect against cancer in general. But the researchers claim that these two vegetables were better than any others to help prevent the development of aggressive prostate cancer as they contain natural substances that protect DNA damage.

What the media stories do not report is the fact that many studies on the natural substances carbinol and flavonoids found in cruciferous vegetables that include cabbage, Brussels sprouts as well as broccoli, cauliflower have been shown to improve the detox function of the liver.

The liver is the main organ of detoxification in the body which through a highly complex and sophisticated system neutralizes and gets rid of many potential cancer causing chemical toxins that enter our bodies through our food, water, air pollution and personal products. These foods are especially valuable in the prevention of all cancers.

Men are encouraged to eat their 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day that includes broccoli and cauliflower as part of a healthy diet. Prostate cancer is becoming increasingly common among the over 50’s and 10, 000 die from the disease in the UK and nearly 32,000 in the USA every year.

Eating a healthy balanced diet, reducing exposure to cancer causing toxins and living and stress can help prevent all cancers in both men and women.