Treating Childhood Eczema

cure eczemaDealing with my son’s eczema has exposed me to a number of different myths that it was time to assist you with realizing the truth.

The first myth is children outgrow eczema. We’re made up of energy and one thing I understand for sure is that energy can’t be removed it will just alternate form. So when someone says to me their child just outgrew the eczema I then ask if their child have seasonal allergies. Usually they say allergies or hay fever to the environment.

Many folks even state that their child went from experiencing eczema to asthma. Makes you wonder if the parents did nothing to help their kid’s eczema problem and their kid outgrew the eczema condition then most likely the energy altered from eczema into something a lot worse (i.E. Hay fever, severe allergies, asthma). Maybe you should do something more about it before it does. Your child does not have to suffer in this way.

Eliminate Your Child’s Eczema Naturally

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Tips To Stop Baby Eczema

It is recognized that eczema affects about twenty percentage of kids and babies within the USA. The cases of baby eczema have increased an there can be many causes of eczema like food allergies, atopy, heredity, even household income (too clean and too dirty households) etc. There are many reasons but the main question is, are there any effective and safe baby eczema cures? The answer is yes.

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Baby Eczema Risk Reduced With Probiotics In Pregnancy

The risk of eczema in babies can be reduced with probiotic supplements taken by mothers during pregnancy according a recently published study.

Pregnant women were given probiotic supplements from the eighth month of pregnancy and their babies were given probiotics for 6 months. The babies were 30% less likely to develop eczema than babies who did not receive probiotic supplements.

The babies were at a higher risk than normal for infant eczema and other allergies as the parents in the study had suffered allergies themselves. Babies with eczema tend to have a family history of allergies including asthma and arthritis.

Probiotics are supplements of the beneficial bacteria that live in the digestive system and are often killed off when antibiotics are taken. Mothers of babies with eczema have often noticed that it started after a course of antibiotics for an infection.

The probiotics had the effect of strengthening the immune system which makes eczema and other allergies less likely. One of the researchers said that it seemed clear that babies immune systems needed to be stimulated early to prevent allergies.

The health benefits of Probiotics in the body include:

  • Boosting the immune system.
  • Help to prevent or treat a variety of diseases by discouraging the growth of disease-causing bacteria.
  • Reduce colic in infants
  • Promote anti-allergic processes by stimulating the production of growth factors suppressing allergic reactions to potentially allergic foods
  • Reduce the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Help prevent constipation.
  • Help prevent infections in the intestines and elsewhere in the body including bronchitis and pneumonia

The growing epidemic of allergies in the Western World has been blamed on houses that are ‘too clean’. Babies and children are not exposed to the variety of germs that could prime the immune system.

While it is important to protect a child from dangerous bacteria mothers are often so obsessed with cleanliness that they use a lot of chemical based household cleaning products, air fresheners and chemically impregnated nappy sacks.

It is known that babies are now born with a high load of chemicals in their blood that they have received from the mother.

We all have an ever increasing load of chemicals in our bodies that have overloaded the detoxification systems.These chemicals get passed on to the babies during pregnancy.Many of these chemicals can interfere with the function of the immune system and I wonder how much this contributes to the allergy epidemic.

Although other studies showed that many of the current popular probiotic drinks were of no benefit there are many good probiotic supplements. Babies and children need different strains and doses than adults and should only be given probiotics formulated for them.

It is clear that there is a lot that mothers can do prior to and during pregnancy to reduce the toxic chemical load and improve their good bacteria through detox and effective probiotic supplements. It is well worth the effort to prevent the misery of allergies and baby eczema.


Baby Eczema

Baby or infant eczema is a very distressing condition both for the baby and mother. It is very common in babies who come from families that suffer from hayfever, asthma, allergies, eczema and migraine. These families are said to be atopic. Eczema is also called atopic dermatitis.

The condition can often appear first on the cheeks and the baby constantly rubs against something to try to relieve the intense itching. It can affect any part of the body. The skin appears red and inflamed and tiny blisters can often appear under the skin surface. The blisters can break and ooze causing crusting. Scratching further damages the skin and it can become infected with bacteria.

The mother may notice that the eczema starts after a vaccination or series of them, when she introduces cow’s milk or starts weaning. The lining of the digestive system in babies is more permeable than an adults. This means that undigested food particles can cross the intestinal barrier and provoke an immune reaction. The reaction causes the skin to erupt as eczema.

Research at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, England has confirmed that the majority of children with eczema have food allergies or intolerances. The avoidance of the foods will frequently bring about a complete clearing of the eczema. Chemicals and clothing can also cause it and the baby may be sensitive to both foods and chemicals that he is in contact with.

Some doctors now believe that babies are washed too frequently. Babies skins are much thiner and delicate than adults so daily bathing may not be good for them especially if they are prone to dry skin or eczema. Some soaps even though made for babies contain chemicals that could cause the eczema.

Here are some ways to avoid eczema:

  • Breast feed for 6 months if possible as it helps to seal the intestines.
  • Consider using hydrolysed milk powders instead of cow’s milk formulas in atopic families.
  • Do not wean the baby too early. Wait until 6 months before introducing solid food.
  • Avoid giving wheat products like cereal, biscuits and bread, eggs, fish and nuts until at least 12 months old.
  • Introduce vegetable and fruit purees first. Buy organic where possible to avoid chemical residues.
  • Top and tail when possible instead of bathing daily.
  • Avoid wool and scratchy fabrics that could cause skin reactions.
  • Avoid regular and biological washing detergents and use special natural products.

Find out more about the underlying causes of eczema and how to treat it naturally.
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