How To Cure Hemorrhoids – Natural Methods For Instant Relief

Hemorrhoid is a stressful and painful experience. It’s something all of us would not want to have. But for those who already have it, do not lose hope as there’s already a natural hemorrhoid cure and this is through natural treatments. These are not only effective remedy but are also safe and inexpensive.

Avoid prolong sitting on the toilet . Prolonged sitting cause strain to the veins which aggravates your hemorrhoid problem. So only use the bathroom when you feel the urge already. And avoid doing something else either that would cause you to stay seated for a long period. Do not bend your back either. Just maintain a straight posture so the stool will pass smoothly.

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How To Cure Hemorrhoid Through Natural Methods

When we talk about health conditions like hemorrhoid, natural treatments are always the first and the best solution. This is simply because they don’t have any contents that would harm or worsen the condition. They don’t have side effects yet they can work as fast as chemical-based products. Also, it is understandable that seeking medical help can be very embarrassing. So to cure hemorrhoid, always resort to natural treatments.

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The Right Hemorrhoids Treatments

No one likes hemorrhoids for they are nasty little buggers that can interfere in your life and make a normal trip to the bathroom feel like a journey through hell. The question everyone asks as soon as piles makes an appearance is how do I get rid of them as quick as possible which seems like an easy question from the surface but it can be much more complicated than it seems. In this article I will cover a few hemorrhoid treatments that are available out there.

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Curing the Hurt of Painful Hemorrhoids

By Aneron Kepasil

One health issue people are talking more and more about these days are the horribly painful hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids consist of irritated veins surrounding the anus. When agitated they are known to bleed, become itchy and sometimes burst. Hemorrhoid pain can be very discomforting and if not treated in a timely manner they will only become worse over time and harder to cure. With today’s medicines there are many ways to treat them and give temporary relief. Many people take a more natural and herbal route, while others use medicated creams and suppositories.

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Hemorrhoid Cure – Is there a natural remedy?

In a recent study on 60 people with various degrees of prolapsed hemorrhoids, researchers found that an ointment containing the natural remedy Smartweed gave relief to 50% of the sufferers. Smartweed, also known as Pepper Plant, contains natural adrenaline and hamamelis that cause the blood vessels to constrict and the piles to shrink. There are many other products on the market that are sold as a hemorrhoid cure but do they work?

Let’s have a look at what each of them do for the body, how they intend to treat hemorrhoids or piles, and raw truth on most of them.

Creams & Ointments

The first popular type of product that sufferers buy hoping for a hemorrhoid cure is a cream or ointment. These types of products are applied to the outer rectal area and are aimed at soothing the piles. They contain ingredients that help to relax the tissue so that it does not bulge out so much so the hemorrhoid will be less likely to flare up. Some creams contain steroid preparations which weaken the skin.

These are great for some temporary hemorrhoid relief but unfortunately it rarely provides a lasting cure. Your hemorrhoids are practically guaranteed to flare up again.


This next type of product is suppositories. One is inserted inside the back passage (rectum) which has a lubricating effect. They can help to relieve the pain, swelling, itch and irritation of internal piles. They should not be used for longer than 7 days as they can cause damage to anal tissue with longer term use. They work for some but not for others.


In some cases hemorrhoids are caused by increased pressure in the veins. Some doctors treatit with blood pressure pills to regulate the blood pressure. Once there is less pressure the vein may shrink and become less of a problem. All drugs have side effects and many prefer to find natural remedy.

More drastic treatments

None of these solutions tend to provide a true hemorrhoid cure and people turn to more drastic measures such as ligation (banding) or surgery. Ligation is where elastic bands are applied to the hemorrhoids to cut off the blood supply and it withers and drops off.

Surgical removal (hemorrhoidectomy) tends to be reserved for very severe cases as many complain about intolerable pain and discomfort for some time afterwards and even leakage after bowel movements.

New Natural Hemorrhoid Cure

Fortunately there is a new totally safe natural hemorrhoid cure that has already been tried out by hundreds of people. It amazing because it can work in just a few days. No wonder it is called the H Miracle System. The system includes basically everything you need to cure your piles once and for all. You can even get a free report. Click Here


Get Hemorrhoid Relief with a Natural Health Remedy

I was shocked to learn today that 40% of the adult population suffer with hemorrhoids (piles) at some point of their lives. If you ever get blood on the toilet paper, intense itching in the anal area, or pain while having a bowel movement then you may have hemorrhoids. In severe cases they can protrude in a lump outside your bottom. So can you get hemorrhoid relief with a natural health remedy for this embarrassing and annoying problem?

Hemorrhoids are enlarged painful veins in the rectum which can be internal or external. They seem to be a disease of the Western diet as they are very rare in countries where whole foods with their high fiber content form a major part of the diet. Many sufferers have tried natural health remedies for hemorrhoid relief like creams, suppositories, and ointments but are disappointed that they don’t provide lasting results because they never fix the true root cause.

Some resort to surgery to remove the immediate symptoms but it does nothing to prevent a recurrence as once again it does nothing to get to the root issue. Prevention of hemorrhoids is much easier than the cure.

The major mechanical cause of hemorrhoids is an increase in the pressure in the abdomen. Although it can happen during heavy lifting while holding your breath the main cause is constipation and having to strain to pass a bowel movement. Overweight and lack of exercise can causes weakness of the abdominal muscles resulting in a sagging of the belly which will also predispose to hemorrhoids.

If you want some hemorrhoid relief avoiding these 3 mistakes that contribute to the problem act as a natural health remedy.

Mistake # 1: Eating too much processed food

The Western diet with refined carbohydrates such as white bread, white rice and pasta and other processed junk foods stripped of valuable nutrients and fiber is a major cause of constipation. Although it can be tough for some people the key here for hemorrhoid relief is to lower your intake of processed foods and add fiber to your diet naturally through whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables both raw and conservatively cooked.

Mistake # 2: Sedentary lifestyle

Jobs that involve a lot of sitting can create additional pressure on the bottom area which creates the perfect environment for a hemorrhoid to occur especially when combined with constipation or pregnancy. The solution is to find an excuse to walk around at least every hour. Abdominal strengthening exercises and stretches that promote healthy blood flow are vital.

Mistake # 3: Intake of laxatives and unnatural medication

You may be tempted to take laxatives or fiber supplements to cure the constipation but this creates the same potential problem as processed foods. You replace the fiber but not the many other nutrients lacking in a processed foods that the body relies on for proper function.

Many laxatives act as irritants and set up a vicious cycle needing even more laxatives. They create powerful bowel movements leaving the bowel in a weakened state unable to produce the muscular movements that propel the waste along its length.

Creams, while giving some hemorrhoid relief do not get to the root cause and can be a waste of time and money. The hemorrhoids can get worse over time if the root problem is not reversed.

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