Hoodia Gordonii – A Natural Appetite Suppressant

Medical research targets more and more plants in order to achieve natural substances having no side effects during the treatment. At first, dietary supplements were made of all kind of chemicals having dozens of side effects along with the effect they were originally developed for. The end justifies the means, they say; therefore, many people would have done anything to achieve their goals, regardless of the consequences.

This is true in our days, too. The fashion of our century dictates thinness, so people would take drastic measures to get rid of a few pounds. Being patient is something that is missing from the human features’ list; people want everything ‘done yesterday’. Time is money, so losing weight should be a fast process, fast and effective, long lasting and without any adverse reactions at the same time.

Putting all these together, you will see that it is impossible to come up with chemicals that accomplish their mission without doing any harm to the body, so natural extracts are the only solution left. Since it is usually hard to develop nutritional supplements with the same effect as chemicals, many people keep using dangerous substances in their diet.

Some countries have banned a few ingredients these supplements are made of, but they are usually available on the internet, so practically everyone has access to all kinds of substances. Still, researchers keep looking for different solutions to replace the old medications and drugs.

Scientific studies lead physicians to the discovery of a cactus-like plant with potential appetite suppressing effect. It was found in South Africa, and it is called Hoodia Gordonii. The Bushmen have been using it for centuries, mostly before going on long hunting trips, in order to combat hunger and thirst. In fact, there are many types of Hoodia, but only the specific one has the active ingredient. Scientists call it p57, and it is a steroidal glycoside. Extracts are available in the form of liquid, tea, powders, capsules and diet pills.

The problem is there are no scientifically supervised tests that would prove its efficiency in any form. The Bushmen use it the original form, eating the plant without any preparation. The question is does an appetite suppressant made of Hoodia Gordonii have the same effect as pure hoodia? Since it is said to be a great alternative to other appetite suppressants like Bontril, many sellers would claim that their products are good and effective, but the ingredients cannot be verified and identified unless the product is examined at an independent lab.

People who are considering taking Hoodia nutritional supplements have to be very careful and cautious. Double-check whether the provider is reliable, and whether the product is what it is said to be, or it is counterfeit! Search for more information and read a few reviews and reports!