How to use Natural Health Remedies to help Sleep Problems

The need for sleep varies from person to person. Some people seem to have trouble going to sleep or staying asleep while others can drop off to sleep quite easily and do not wake for 7 hours. It is a great feeling to be able to sleep soundly for 7 or 8 hours then wake up naturally and bound out of bed feeling refreshed and renewed. However there are many people with varying degrees of insomnia who have to resort to sleeping pills to enable them to get a decent nights sleep. Many people prefer natural health remedies to help sleep problems to avoid the unpleasant side effects and dependancy on drugs.

Insomnia is a serious disorder that can lead to symptoms such as irritability, impaired reaction time and trouble concentrating. Sleep problems have been linked to the risk of developing heart problems, diabetes, premature aging and cancer at its worst. Most often insomnia is brought on by mental and physical anxiety and stress in our lives. It can be caused by existing heath conditions of the mind and body, certain medications or changes in environment that make us feel uncomfortable or anxious.

Diet changes

Very often changing your diet and getting some regular exercise is all that is needed to start getting a decent night’s sleep. Caffeine intake can be one big cause of insomnia. You might not think that just one cup of coffee in the morning or a couple of caffeinated drinks could prevent you going to sleep but it could make all the difference.

Although alcohol may help you get to sleep it can cause you to wake in the night. Your stomach should not be too full or too empty at night. Hunger can cause you to wake. Avoiding fatty and very spicy food at night.

Resolving insomnia can be a frustrating process. Trial and error can leave you feeling more irritable and stressed out than the sleep problem alone. So what can you do?

Natural Remedies

Natural Herbal remedies are a way of approaching the problem without risking negative side effects of prescription drugs like dependency. They are also much cheaper to use and easier to get than most prescription sleep aides. Herbal treatments are most commonly available in the form of supplements, teas, tinctures and Aromatherapy essential oils.

Here are some herbs that have been found effective for sleep problems:


This herb acts in much the same way that Valium does and can be affective for treatment of even chronic insomnia. However, it shouldn’t be used by those who have high or low blood pressure or liver damage or those who could become pregnant or are already pregnant.

Kava Kava

This herb is especially effective in those who suffer from anxiety; it relaxes the mind and body making it easier to rest. It has been suggested that it may cause liver damage for some so caution is advised.


This herb is especially mild and can be used by children as well as adults. It is most commonly found as a tea and blends well with other sedative herbs such as hops. 5 – 6 drops of Chamomile essential oil can also be put in bath water to relax you before you go to be.


Lavender is the most readily available of all herbs used to treat insomnia. You will find it in the form of lotions, soaps, shampoos, perfumes and bath additives like bubble bath and salts.

A few drops of lavender in a bath can also be helpful, especially when used in connection with several drops of the oil on a tissue under your pillow. Just be careful not to get the oils in your eyes. Special pillows made of equal parts of hops, lavender, and chamomile are available from health stores and can help promote better sleep.

Passion Flower

Passion flower is consider by herbalists to be an important herb for insomnia caused by mental worry, overwork, or nervous exhaustion. It is often combined with other herbs in herbal sleep supplements. It has no known side effects even when used in large doses.

The final solution for your sleep problems is often a matter of working out the underlying reasons why you are having trouble sleeping. Have a look at personal issues. work conditions, your general health and sleeping environment.

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Cut Short the Common Cold – Natural Health Remedies for Colds

There’s a good reason it’s called the common cold, ‘cause it’s one of the most common illnesses around. And the worst part is that it has no cure. So if you have a cold, the best you can do is take adequate rest, dose up with warm liquids, and wait it out.

There are some doctors who may prescribe antibiotics to make sure you don’t catch other diseases when your immune system is down and others who give you cough syrups and lozenges to help you sleep better. But there’s nothing that beats the benefits of natural health remedies and concoctions to help soothe you and bring relief from runny noses and scratchy throats. The next time you catch a cold, here’s what you can do before running to the drug store:

  • Make yourself some ginger tea: Ginger has soothing properties – it raises your body temperature and helps bring down the severity of your cold. It contains various compounds that help fight against the virus that causes the cold.
  • Drink some elderberry juice: Or eat a slice of bread slathered with elderberry jam if you can summon up the appetite to eat. Elderberry is one fruit that contains active compounds that help reduce the symptoms of your cold as well as fight the cold and influenza virus.
  • Inhale peppermint oil or drink peppermint-flavored tea: Peppermint has properties that come in handy if you’re running a fever – it helps break the fever by making you sweat.
  • Use a cinnamon stick to stir your tea: Cinnamon is a spice that provides flavor and adds to the taste of your herbal tea. It also helps reduce inflammation and nasal congestion.
  • Gargle frequently: A solution of just salt and warm water can work wonders for an achy throat. Gargle at least thrice a day, before meals so that the salt doesn’t make you throw up.
  • Drink warm liquids: Hot drinks help soothe your throat and relieve nasal congestion. They also keep you warm if you’re running a fever.
  • Use a menthol salve: A dab of liniment can help you breathe easier and prevent sneezing continuously.

A cold may be common, but it’s nothing to sneeze at (pun unintended). It can drain you of all your energy and put you out of action for a while. So make sure you get plenty of rest, seek the help of natural health remedies, keep a box of tissues handy so that you’re up and about on your feet in no time.




Alzheimer’s Disease – Celery and Green peppers hailed as new Natural Health Remedies

Scientist recently reported that a simple substance found in celery and green peppers may be used as a natural health remedy help to prevent inflammation in the brain. This finding could have important implications for aging and brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and memory loss.

Although inflammation is the body’s response to fight infection and to promote healing researchers have shown that chronic inflammation is involved in many diseases such as heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes, arthritis, inflammatory bowel diseases, asthma, Alzheimer’s and other brain diseases attributed to the aging process.

Celery and green peppers are an abundant source of the natural health remedy luteolin, a flavanoid which has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor properties. Chronic inflammation is associated with the production of free radicals which causes untold damage to cells.

To prevent free radical damage the body has its own system of antioxidants but it depends on adequate vital nutrients such as Vitamins A, C & E, carotenoids and the minerals selenium, copper, zinc and iron being present.

These vital nutrients and many other naturally occurring antioxidants in food come from a diet high in flavanoids found in fresh fruit, vegetables, green tea, red wine and cocoa.

As well as celery and green peppers luteolin is also found in cabbage, carrots, parsley, basil, thyme and camomile. Chronic inflammatory conditions will only stop when the free radicals in the area of inflammation is stabilized and the attack on healthy cells ends.

Dr Perlmutter, a neurologist who treats Alzheimers and other brain conditions with nutritonal protocols refers to these conditions as “the brain on fire”. He explains that the symptoms result from the damage done to the neurons (brain cells) by the free radicals generated by free radicals. You have to put out the fire to improve the condition.

The most effective natural approach to Alzheimer’s Disease must reduce the inflammation and free radical damage and improve the function of the neurones.

An anti-inflammatory diet excludes foods that promote inflammation:

  • Foods high in saturated fats such as meat, dairy products and eggs as well as other high fat foods, fried foods and processed foods high in trans fats or hydrogenated fats.
  • Processed meats such as luncheon meats, sausages and hot dogs that contain nitrites.
  • Sugar and high sugar foods like soft drinks, candy, cakes and pastries.

And emphasizes foods that reduce inflammation:

  • Omega 3 fats from oily fish, (not swordfish, shark, king mackerel, or tilefish because they contain high levels of mercury), walnuts, pumpkin seeds, flax oil or seeds (linseeds).
  • Fresh fruit & vegetables including plenty of green leafy vegetables and berries. 5 or more servings a day.
  • Vegetarian protein from beans and lentils.
  • Wholegrains – They do not trigger insulin that promotes inflammation.
  • Free range or organic poultry
  • Pure water, herbal teas, vegetable juices


Hyperactivity in Children Caused by Additives in Medicines

Hyperactivity in babies and children can be caused by additives in some popular well known brands of medicines for children. A recent report revealed that researchers found that a high percentage of over the counter and some prescription medicines for antibiotics, cough syrups and pain relievers contained one or more of 7 additives known to trigger hyperactivity.

Many parents routinely give paracetamol (acetaminophen) based medicines to their children to help prevent high temperatures and fever when their children have colds or coughs. Even some medicines suitable for the under threes contained these additives.

Researchers have found that the additives could make any child hyperactive even if he or she was not normally so. According to manufacturers the additives which are mainly preservatives and colours do not cause problems so are reluctant to remove them.

With more publicity and evidence about the harmful effects of colourings such as tartrazine, quinoline yellow, sunset yellow, ponceau, carmoisine, allura red and the preservartive sodium benzoate food manufacturers have been removing them from children’s drinks and foods and finding natural alternatives. So why can’t the medicine manufacturers do the same?

But with many safe Natural Health Remedies available for children who wants to risk the damage that paracetamol (acetaminophen) can do to the immature livers and kidneys of their babies?

Natural remedies have been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years to counteract immune problems in children. Recent research has confirmed that a wide range of herbs can support the immature immune systems of children and shorten recovery time if they do get an infection.

When children spend time in nurseries, daycare, or preschool, they are particularly prone to picking up viruses and bugs. To help protect their immune systems a 100% natural herbal remedy KiddieBoost has been specifically formulated to strengthen child’s immune system. KiddieBoost comes in a convenient drop formula that is easy to administer to children from the age of 12 months.

So if you are concerned about the side effects of the additives in children’s medicines and antibiotics try supporting your child’s immune system with KiddieBoost a safe natural health remedy.


Increase in Use of Natural Health Remedies

Millions of people treat themselves with natural remedies instead of consulting their doctors. Despite frequent adverse publicity about their effectiveness their popularity has risen by a third since 2002 as more and more people try to find solutions for chronic health problems without the side effects of drugs.

Researchers report that more and more people are turning to the internet to research symptoms and self-diagnose but there are fears that there is not enough information available about treatments.

Professor Ernst, Professor of Complementary Medicine of Exeter University, England warns that some remedies are harmless placebos, some are effective and others could be harmful.

This is vigorously refuted by practitioners of Complementary Medicine who maintain that the popularity of alternative treatments and natural health remedies and natural cures is increasing because people find them effective for chronic diseases that conventional medicine can’t seem to treat.

This blog has been set up to bring you information about effective natural  remedies and natural cures which has been the basis of the natural health and healing movement for hundreds of years.