Natural Treatment for Ovarian Cysts

While many doctors believe that the only cure for ovarian cysts that do not disappear by themselves is to remove them surgically many women are now turning to natural health remedies and natural treatments instead. The fact is that just removing them is not solving the underlying problem of why they formed in the first place.

Ovarian cysts are caused by a number of factors but a hormonal imbalance is a major cause. Environmental estrogens (xenoestrogens) are now thought to contribute to them as they interfere with the delicate hormone balance. These are chemicals found in the environment in that enter the body and act like estrogen. They are also known as estrogen mimics or endocrine disrupters.

Ovarian cysts are produced when the release of the egg from the ovary fails and the egg follicle swells with fluid causing a cyst. Even if the egg is released the resulting hole may seal off leaving tissue and fluid accumulating inside and the area which expands into a cyst. The cyst usually disappears on its own in a few weeks, but it can grow to almost 4 inches in diameter and can bleed into itself or twist the ovary causing pain and menstrual changes.

When there are a large number of small cysts in the ovaries which is again accompanied by hormonal imbalance it is known as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) Technically they are not cysts but numerous very small egg follicles. Rarely an ovarian cyst can be cancerous so it is important to get a proper diagnosis before deciding on the treatment.

Factors contributing to ovarian cysts that are the focus of natural treatments are a weak immune system, poor diet, insulin resistance, hormone imbalance, inability of the liver to break down excess hormones. So you can see that it is not a quick fix. Simply surgically removing the cysts will not rectify these underlying causes and they can recur.

Natural Health Remedies for ovarian cysts include:

1. Diet.

A high fat and carbohydrate diet results in weight gain which raises estrogen levels. Alcohol and caffeine intake from coffee, tea, soft drinks and chocolate is associated with higher estrogen levels. A processed and junk food diet is low in nutrients and fiber that are needed for a strong immune system, for liver clearance of excess estrogen and elimination from the body through the bowel.

A whole food diet that focuses on a variety of organic fresh vegetables, fruit, whole grains, nuts and seeds with lean organic or free range meat and poultry is best. Dr Ralph Golan recommends avoiding milk products. Non organic ones are more likely to contain xenoestrogens.

2. Avoid Xenoestrogens

These hormone disrupting chemicals are found everywhere but it is possible to reduce your exposure. Drink filtered water and avoid drinking it from plastic bottles. Avoid all chemical based household products and personal care products and replace them with natural ones. Avoid buying, heating and storing food in plastic containers or wrapping. Reduce exposure to glues, paints, varnishes and cleaning fluids that contain solvents. They can be inhaled or absorbed through the skin and may be estrogenic.

3.Improve liver detox of both xenoestrogens and body produced estrogen.

The ways estrogens are metabolized in our bodies depends on lifestyle, diet and bowel habits. Cruciferous vegetables which include broccoli, cabbage, kale, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts contain substance that help the liver process
estrogen. Chlorophyll rich and bitter greens are also good detoxifiers. Try lettuce, cucumber, dandelion greens, arugula (rocket), chard, watercress and mung beans.

The addition of a good nutritional supplement that includes important nutrients for liver detox of estrogen such as magnesium, zinc, copper, vitamin C and B vitamins will help.

A Complete Program

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