Chinese Gender Predictor

There are many gender prediction sites on the internet. I did manage to locate a gender predictor that is a little more unique than most of the tools that you find online. Typically baby sex calculators are founded upon Chinese gender calendars that use the lunar age of the mom and the month of conception as the foundation for the calculation. However there are a few unique tools to determine the sex of your baby that are available through numerous websites.

Utilizing the Chinese Gender Calculator

To utilize the most common gender chart, you simply follow your age across the chart rows and the baby’s month of conception down through the columns. The meeting point is the gender calculation for the gender chart. It is vital when using this chart, or discussing it with friends to know that the first Chinese gender chart was based upon the mother’s lunar age. This lunar age is very different from your solar age which is what we typically refer to when we tell people how old we are.

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Pregnancy Vitamins And The Health Of The Baby

While pregnant, and even ahead of prenatal, prenatal nutrients are an necessary component of prenatal nutrition. Many doctors recommend that pregnancy vitamins be taken ahead of conception and even following the baby is born for complete health of mother and child. It is very important to both the health of the baby and the health of the mother that she take nutrients just in case her diet does not provide enough of the vitamins she and her baby need. In fact, folic acid, iron and calcium are especially important and if not present in adequate amounts in the mothers diet deficiency in these nutrients may lead to health challenges for the fetus.

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How To Become Pregnant Really Fast In 5 Easy Steps

When you choose to try to become pregnant, you’re ecstatic and ready to get this next chapter of your life underway. As the months pass without a positive pregnancy test, you could possibly begin to feel aggravated and stressed. Before you get upset, try these 5 easy steps to help you become pregnant fast.

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Not Getting Pregnant? – 3 Things That May Be Preventing You From Having A Child

Has the time finally come that you have decided you want to have a child but for some reason you are not getting pregnant?

Most women never give too much thought about not being able to have children. It is something that we take for granted until the time comes that we try to have a baby and find that we are having trouble conceiving a child.

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Pregnancy Nausea Week – What To Expect?

Morning sickness is a symptom that comes along during pregnancy. It’s nothing more but a two months long daily nausea and vomiting routine during pregnancy. The pregnancy nausea week begins during the first trimester between the fourth and the sixth week of pregnancy.

Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy is very much well known as morning sickness. But the name morning sickness can be quite misleading. Although nausea and vomiting is a common experience during early mornings; it can also strike anytime during the day.

End Morning Sickness Naturally

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3 All Natural Remedies to help End Morning Sickness

80 to 90% of all pregnant women experience morning sickness. It usually begins at around the 4th week of pregnancy and typically subsides between weeks 13 and 16. However, for some women it can begin earlier and last much later.

The cause of morning sickness is still unknown but it is believed to be caused by the increased hormonal levels which enhance the sense of smell and increase stomach acids.

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Five Tips To Get Pregnant Fast

By Brock Davis

Some couples want to know how to get pregnant fast. There are some ways which can help you achieve that. In this articles, we will explore five of them. Note that if you have any existing medical condition, do consult your doctor first.

Tip 1: Before you try to conceive, improve your health first. Many of the infertility reasons can be traced back to an unhealthy lifestyle. Start by doing some exercise and eat some healthy food. Lose some weight and you will be able to increase your chances of getting conceived.

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Smoking During Pregnancy Will Harm Your Unborn Baby

The headlines of an article in a national newspaper today states that a new research study claims that middle class women who smoke in early pregnancy do not harm their unborn babies.

The study by the London School of Economics looked at the effects of smoking on birth weight. The author of the study says “We found a negligible effect of maternal smoking during the pregnancy, if the mother quits by month five, which suggests that there is a cumulative effect of smoking.”

What the article did not reveal was the fact that the author also stated “Maternal smoking during pregnancy remains prevalent in many countries, despite decades of research testifying to the harm it imposes upon the unborn children”

The fact is that even if smoking in the first 5 months does not contribute to low birth weight it can still harm both mother and child. It is shocking to learn that in the UK one in five mothers still smoke whilst pregnant.

Professor West of Cancer research said that a vast body of research shows that smoking is harmful throughout pregnancy and stopping at any stage will be good.

Smoking introduces the toxic metal cadmium into the body and is the greatest source of it. According to Tuula E. Tuormaa researcher for Foresight, the organization for the promotion of pre-conceptual care, smoking can greatly increase the risk of the unborn baby being rejected by the mother’s body as all stages of pregnancy and can also increases the risk of bleeding.

A large study showed a 29% increase in malformations, such as hare lip, cleft palate and various central nervous system abnormalities among infants born to mothers who smoked during

In men smoking has been linked with a low sperm count and poor sperm motility and reduced testosterone secretion. In females, cigarette smoking has been linked with both an early onset of menopause as well as directly with infertility.

While it can be difficult to give up smoking a good detox program combined with nutritional support can pave the way to successfully stopping. High daily doses (up to 10gms) of Vitamin C can help to detox nicotine and stop the cravings.

Couples planning pregnancy can benefit from cleansing with improved nutrition whether they have been smokers or not. Couples with fertility problems can be helped with detox programs, dietary changes and nutritional support. Everyone carries a toxic load of metals and chemicals in their bodies which are passed on to the unborn child. Recent research has shown 200 chemicals to be present in newborn babies. A frightening thought.

Detox combined with a good fertility diet for both partners prior to conception can avoid complications during pregnancy and labour.

For more about detox and a free report visit The Detox Specialist Blog



Balance Your Hormones

A recent national newspaper article highlighted the importance of diet and nutritional supplements for couples who have had problems conceiving or have had repeated miscarriages. Foresight, the charitable organisation for pre-conceptual care, takes hair samples from both partners for mineral and toxic metal analysis. A diet and nutritional supplement programme is devised based on the results to detox heavy metals, correct deficiencies and balance hormones.

Mrs Barnes the founder says “Quite often what is preventing a healthy conception can be a simple lack of zinc in the woman or selenium in the man”. Foresight also advise that both partners should give up alcohol, cigarettes and drugs for at least 4 months before trying for a baby.

A woman who had suffered four miscarriages and spent £5,000 on IVF said it did not sound too bad and was not a lot to ask. She and her partner both followed the progamme and found that it was well worth it as they were surprised that she became pregnant very quickly and had a healthy child.

Several years later they wanted another baby but she had another miscarriage. They went straight back on the Foresight programme and had a second successful pregnancy.

Some might say this is just coincidence but Foresight have so many success stories that it is hard to refute. Couples should also be screened for genito-urinary conditions such as chlamydia which can be present with no symptoms causing infertility.

Couples following the Foresight Program have good pregancies, easy labours with no complications like premature labours, cesarian sections or inductions of labour.