Eczema and Skin Itches Drug

Scientists have discovered an area in the brain that is linked to scratching. Understanding this process they say could lead to drugs to stop the itching of eczema.

Itching skin is a huge problem for mothers with small babies and children with eczema as it can damage the skin further and lead to secondary infections as well as disturb sleep. I wonder how many will want to give their children drugs.

While a drug like this could have many uses for people with itching skin it will do nothing for the eczema itself or the underlying causes.

Food allergy or intolerance, nutritional deficiencies and overgrowth of yeast in the bowel are some of the main causes of eczema. Even though inherited genes play a part you can still do a lot to improve eczema. It’s what you do to the genes that count.

Many people have cleared their skins from the unsightly and irritating patches by identifying foods that they react to and eliminating them from their diets.

Nutritionist and doctors who have an interest in nutrition often called Functional Medicine or Integrative Medicine doctors can do tests to find out the balance of your essential fatty acids – the Omega 3’s and Omega 6’s.

Eczema sufferers are often low in GLA an Omega 6 fatty acid. Evening Primrose Oil is effective in helping to improve this lack in the cells.

Zinc is a mineral that is often found to be low and can be improved by taking a good absorbable form for several months. It is always best to be supervised by a knowledgeable practitioner as taking too high a dose over a long period can cause an imbalance of copper.

Many Naturopathic doctors and nutritionists believe that yeast overgrowth in the bowel can affect the skin. Many mothers have noticed that their child’s eczema has started after a course o antibiotics. They kill off some of the good bacteria in the bowel and allows Candida yeast to overgrow.

Using natural antifungals or simply just giving a good probiotic supplement can help to restore the natural balance. Reducing and avoiding sugar will help too.

So whilst an anti-itch drug could bring relief for the sufferer in the short term, getting rid of unsightly eczema patches in the long term is the ultimate prize.

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