Smoking During Pregnancy Will Harm Your Unborn Baby

The headlines of an article in a national newspaper today states that a new research study claims that middle class women who smoke in early pregnancy do not harm their unborn babies.

The study by the London School of Economics looked at the effects of smoking on birth weight. The author of the study says “We found a negligible effect of maternal smoking during the pregnancy, if the mother quits by month five, which suggests that there is a cumulative effect of smoking.”

What the article did not reveal was the fact that the author also stated “Maternal smoking during pregnancy remains prevalent in many countries, despite decades of research testifying to the harm it imposes upon the unborn children”

The fact is that even if smoking in the first 5 months does not contribute to low birth weight it can still harm both mother and child. It is shocking to learn that in the UK one in five mothers still smoke whilst pregnant.

Professor West of Cancer research said that a vast body of research shows that smoking is harmful throughout pregnancy and stopping at any stage will be good.

Smoking introduces the toxic metal cadmium into the body and is the greatest source of it. According to Tuula E. Tuormaa researcher for Foresight, the organization for the promotion of pre-conceptual care, smoking can greatly increase the risk of the unborn baby being rejected by the mother’s body as all stages of pregnancy and can also increases the risk of bleeding.

A large study showed a 29% increase in malformations, such as hare lip, cleft palate and various central nervous system abnormalities among infants born to mothers who smoked during

In men smoking has been linked with a low sperm count and poor sperm motility and reduced testosterone secretion. In females, cigarette smoking has been linked with both an early onset of menopause as well as directly with infertility.

While it can be difficult to give up smoking a good detox program combined with nutritional support can pave the way to successfully stopping. High daily doses (up to 10gms) of Vitamin C can help to detox nicotine and stop the cravings.

Couples planning pregnancy can benefit from cleansing with improved nutrition whether they have been smokers or not. Couples with fertility problems can be helped with detox programs, dietary changes and nutritional support. Everyone carries a toxic load of metals and chemicals in their bodies which are passed on to the unborn child. Recent research has shown 200 chemicals to be present in newborn babies. A frightening thought.

Detox combined with a good fertility diet for both partners prior to conception can avoid complications during pregnancy and labour.

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