Causes And Treatment Of Acne Scars

By Geraldine Spencer

Acne is an a matter of serious concern, particularly for teenage girls, as it sprouts up all of a sudden and its scars stay long after the acne is gone. Irrespective of your dislike for it, acne occurs throughout the teenage years of most people and a lot of effort is required for fighting these bad looking marks and stopping them from recurring.

When the sebum secreted by skin glands comes in contact with bacteria, it results in an infection, which is known as acne. During the healing period of this condition, a fibrous protein called collagen is formed. On the level of collagen falling low, tiny depressions are created on the skin and on its level being too high, distinct protrusions appear. Either of these factors can lead to acne scars. Adolescents are normally more susceptible to acne infection as their hormones rise suddenly at the time of puberty leading to more sebum release.

Among the common reasons of acne infection are use of beauty products that are not appropriate for the kind of skin, taking contraceptive pills, intake of medicinal drugs, and genetic reasons. A number of lifestyle aspects including diet that is not nutritious enough and mental stress can also result in acne. However, contrary to common perception, there is no scientific link between spicy or junk food and acne.

Although a variety of lotions and herbal products are sold in the market to cure acne, it is advisable to seek medical help if the problem aggravates or keeps on recurring. It is also advisable not to poke the lesion with pointed objects or to put any kind of pressure on it as it makes the infection get worse.

A number of affected people now go for many cosmetic procedures to make the scars disappear and get a glowing skin. Surgery and laser treatment are among the most successful methods of permanently getting rid of acne scars, but several other innovative cures are also available nowadays. You must visit a good dermatologist who would be able to identify your skin type and suggest a proper treatment.

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