Chinese Gender Predictor

There are many gender prediction sites on the internet. I did manage to locate a gender predictor that is a little more unique than most of the tools that you find online. Typically baby sex calculators are founded upon Chinese gender calendars that use the lunar age of the mom and the month of conception as the foundation for the calculation. However there are a few unique tools to determine the sex of your baby that are available through numerous websites.

Utilizing the Chinese Gender Calculator

To utilize the most common gender chart, you simply follow your age across the chart rows and the baby’s month of conception down through the columns. The meeting point is the gender calculation for the gender chart. It is vital when using this chart, or discussing it with friends to know that the first Chinese gender chart was based upon the mother’s lunar age. This lunar age is very different from your solar age which is what we typically refer to when we tell people how old we are.

Gender Basis for Questions

The foundation for the queries vary from the medically sound to the nonsensical. Questions like how are you carrying the baby, what are your cravings, and are you happy or melancholy are primarily based upon old wives tales that pregnant mothers have looked to for centuries for gender prediction. Although opinions of actually accuracy vary, you chances of being correct are still just about 50/50.

Aside from the online questionnaires, gender prediction is becoming something that can be achieved scientifically at home. The technology has not been commercialized yet, but, there are numerous fluid assays that labs are expecting to bring to market for private use. As these assays tools become approved through regulatory agencies, finding out the gender of your baby will become even easier. That is not to say that online and Chinese gender calculators won’t remain popular.

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