Danger Dyes in Childrens Medicines

Many of the most popular children’s medicines contain additives that are known to cause hyperactivity in some children. The Hyperactive Children Support group in the UK has claimed for the last 30 years that artificial additives in food and drink cause hyperactivity and bad
behaviour in many children.

Recent research just published in the respected medical journal The Lancet has confirmed what many have known for years that e-numbers are not good for children and cause bad behaviour and hyperactivity in some susceptible children.

A national newspaper in the UK is campaigning for a complete ban on additives and supermarket giants have pledged to remove additives from their own label products.

Of more concern perhaps is the fact that many children’s medicines are highly coloured with red dyes that that can cause allergic reactions in asthmatics, mild rashes and hyperactivity. Is this what you want for your sick child? Makers of the medicines maintain that the artificial colour is there to make the medicine more acceptable to children and the amount of additive consumed is tiny.

Many parents are not convinced and are turning to natural health remedies rather than use medicines. Natural remedies work with the body whereas medicines tend to suppress the reactions of the body to the illness which natural health practitioners view as damaging.

Doctors know that in many cases the condition will disappear in a few day without drug intervention but feel pressurized by the parent to prescribe something. Children have amazing recovery powers and respond very quickly to herbs and other natural remedies.

Native Remedies have formulated a wonderful range of herbal medicines for children. Kiddie Cool helps calm, soothe and reduce fever in children. Kiddie Boost helps improve immune system functioning and promotes natural resistance to illness if your child is always picking up things at nursery or school.

Your child should start to get better within 48 hours and any infection gone in 7 – 10 days. Many doctors believe that children should not be given antibiotics and that the body’s own immune system will fight the infection given time. We are all in too much of a hurry these days to let the body respond naturally to infections. Natural remedies can keep our child comfortable and support the body’s own natural defenses.



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