Detox Diet – Is It Worth It?

It is natural at this time of the year to make resolutions to get fitter, slimmer and healthier and many people embark on a detox diet hoping to shed a few pounds or feel less congested after the excesses of the Christmas and New Year festivities.

But with newspaper reports that Dr Andrew Wedge, the Government Chief Scientist at the Food Standards Agency UK, has posted comments on their blog that detox is a lot of nonsense you might be forgiven for wondering if its worth the bother of following a detox diet at all.

Although Dr Wedge correctly states that we have a very good inbuilt detox system called the liver he conveniently seems to forget or ignores the fact that most people do not treat their livers well.

The liver does an incredible job trying to cope with the daily function of neutralizing and eliminating toxins that come from within our bodies as well as from withoutbut it can become overwhelmed. We are constantly bombarded with chemicals from air pollution inside our homes as well as outside, toxins from food and the water you drink.

Yes, the pollution in your home is worse than the pollution out side according to Professor Burchett of the University of Technology , Sydney.

And yes, tap water is toxic too. A recent report from the Royal Society of Chemistry revealed that improved testing procedures showed that tap water does contain potentially harmful chemicals that are unable to be processed by current water treatments. So drinking tap water as Dr Wedge recommends will add to the liver’s detox burden.

Sophisticated laboratory tests show that many people with chronic health problems and symptoms that doctor’s cannot put a name to are suffering from poor liver detoxification. Researchers have shown that their symptoms and health can be improved by eating certain foods and taking certain nutrients that help support the liver detox pathways.

Blood tests performed at a number of laboratories agree that we are all full of potentially dangerous chemicals that our livers have been unable to detoxify. The fact is that our livers are strugging to cope with the amount of chemicals it is presented with every with every day.

Detox and cleansing centers and research facilities worldwide have proved that peoples health can be improved with carefully designed detox plans. The success of the New York detox program for the 7/11 rescue workers who were suffering the effects of toxic chemicals is but one example.

Dr Wedge is right when he says that there are lot of supplements on the market that are a waste of money. One day detox supplements are not going to do much for you except maybe kickstart you on a better diet. To detox any significant amount of chemicals from your body takes time and effort.

Although, according to many authorities, the best time to foloow a detox program is springtime if you are feeling sluggish and congested after the holiday season then you are likely to feel better if you eat lightly, drink pure water and and get some exercise to increase blood circulation to the liver.

But if you suffer with chronic health problems or niggling symptoms then following a good nutritionally balanced detox program can often bring about real improvements.

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