Detox Diet Recipes

Fruit and vegetables and their juices have figured high in detox diets and detox diet recipes in many health systems for thousands of years.

It turns out that your Mom was right when she said, “Eat your vegetables.” Vegetables are healthy for all sorts of reasons. They are nutrient dense -full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, natural plant chemicals that have many beneficial effects on our health, and fiber. You can understand why they are used in detox diets recipes.

These days we have such a huge choice of vegetables that it is impossible to say you don’t like vegetables. It is so easy to get plenty of variety in your detox diet.

Non starchy vegetables are low on the glycemic scale. This means that they do not trigger insulin so are great for diabetics, insulin resistance (Syndrome X), healthy weight loss and maintenance as well as for detox.

Researcher have discovered that certain substances activate the 2 detox pathways of the liver known as Phase 1 & Phase 2.

The foods that activate Phase I pathway are:

Cabbage, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts.
Oranges and tangerines (but not grapefruit)
Caraway and dill seeds.
High protein foods

Foods that activate the Phase 2 pathway or help supply nutrients that are involved in this pathway are:

Cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts cauliflower, cabbage, kale, bok choy cress, mustard, horseradish, turnips, rutabagas (swede), kohlrabi, red beets(beetroot), asparagus, avocado, walnuts.
Foods containing limonene – oranges, tangerines and their peel, caraway and dill seeds. watermelon, papayas and avocados.

An abundance of fruit and vegetables help to supply the nutrients that the liver needs to transform the toxins into substances that the the body can get rid of more easily.

Animal proteins are usually excluded as they take a lot of energy to digest. By using lighter and more easily digested foods more energy can be put into detox.

If you don’t know how to incorporate these foods into a detox diet or are bored with your usual detox recipes then you will be delighted to know that I have just put together a brand new Detox & Cleanse recipe eBook.”50 Easy & Delicious Recipes for Detox & Cleansing”. It contains over 70 recipes. With contributions from top detox centers and chefs I had so many tried and tested detox diet recipes that was not able to stop at 50!

You can easily create an endless variety of delicious, healthy detox meals for yourself and you can even use many of the recipes for the rest of the family as part of their meal.

It’s not too late to go on that 14 day summer detox to look your best on the beach. Detox diet recipes are a healthy no brainer way to change your diet and transform your life and your health for the better. You get the Recipe eBook free when you get my Definitive Detox Diet. To read more about my Detox Diet eBook Click Here


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