Detox – Pre-Tox & Milk Thistle

Some journalists are advocating going on a “pre-tox” in preparation for the festive season. This, they explain, means doing a short detox so that you do not have to worry about over indulging in alcohol and rich food that you will be plied with at all the pre-Christmas parties as well as the large meal you might eat on Christmas day. Then of course there are the New Year celebrations to get through.

Well, now I have heard everything. This just shows the ignorance that surrounds the concept of detoxification. Do they think that you can detoxify in 1 week? Well it’s just not possible. Do they really think that the idea of detox is so you can go and re-toxify?

A lifetime’s collection of toxins are simply not able to be expelled in 7 days or even 14 days. Of course I am not saying that 7 or 14 days on a good detox program would not be of some benefit. But to suggest that people go on a detox with the idea that they can then not feel guilty or worry about overloading the liver with alcohol and rich fatty food is simply too ridiculous for words.

In fact going on a detox in preparation for the winter season if you live in an area where it gets colder is a good idea. It can help boost the immune system in preparation for all the germs you might be exposed to as more people tend to suffer from colds and flu in the winter and tend to be in huddled indoors more.

If you are worried about the effects of extra alcohol on your liver then the herb Milk Thistle would be useful to take. It is sometimes known as Silymarin because the beneficial compound contained in the plant is called Silymarin.

Milk thistle has antioxidant properties and is a very powerful herb that can help regenerate liver cells. It can help neutralize toxins that find their way into the liver cells as well as preventing toxins entering liver cells. It is used to help treat alcoholic liver disease or prevent it in heavy drinkers.

Not all Milk Thistle products contain enough of the active substance to be effective so make sure that the supplement you choose contains 80% Silymarin. Herbal liver supplements often combine Milk Thistle with dandelion, artichoke extract and liquorice to help the flow of bile which carries toxins out of the liver.

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