Hormone Replacement Therapy Spells Cancer Dangers

Natural Menopause ReliefA new major study confirms that women who use hormone replacement therapy for symptoms of the menopause have a higher risk of cancer long after they stop the treatment. Three years after they have stopped using the hormones the risk of breast cancer is still 27% higher compared to the women who have never taken it.

The original US study which hit the headlines in 2002 caused millions of women to stop taking ERT (HRT). Many turned to natural health remedies to try to ease their symptoms. Some women have quite severe symptoms coming up to and after the menopause.

Symptoms such as hot flashes (flushes), night sweats, palpitations, joint pains, lack of libido, depression and weight gain cause a lot of distress. Some women believe they can remain young if they take hormones and ask their doctors for a prescription.

Functional Medicine doctor’s prefer to test their patients first to find out their levels of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone before prescribing nature identical hormones as they do not seem to carry the same risks.

The truth is that many of the symptoms that are attributed to the menopause are consequences of aging, dietary and lifestyle changes. It is natural for the ovaries slow up production of hormones and eggs to be fertilized as the childbearing stage of life comes to an end.

Some symptoms though are a result of incorrect diets and hectic lifestyles. Nutritionists advise eating more fruit and vegetables, oily fish, nuts and seeds and fermented soy while avoiding saturated fat of red meat, cheese and milk as well as trans fats that result from the hydrogenation of oils to make margarine. Exercise even if it is only brisk walking can help too.

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She gives proven techniques to help you be in control of your menopausal symptoms and take your life back again. She explains how to get calcium for your bones and the role of plant estrogens (phytoestrogens) in balancing the hormones.

So take a look now at Natural Menopause Relief Secrets to learn the latest natural health remedies for managing your menopause symptoms and avoiding the risk of cancer from taking synthetic hormones.


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