How To Cure Hemorrhoids – Natural Methods For Instant Relief

Hemorrhoid is a stressful and painful experience. It’s something all of us would not want to have. But for those who already have it, do not lose hope as there’s already a natural hemorrhoid cure and this is through natural treatments. These are not only effective remedy but are also safe and inexpensive.

Avoid prolong sitting on the toilet . Prolonged sitting cause strain to the veins which aggravates your hemorrhoid problem. So only use the bathroom when you feel the urge already. And avoid doing something else either that would cause you to stay seated for a long period. Do not bend your back either. Just maintain a straight posture so the stool will pass smoothly.

Anal hygiene is very important. The bacteria from stool builds up around this area when not attended immediately. As a result, your hemorrhoids will get infected so it will swell some more. So after every bowel movement, clean your anal area with unscented soap. Dry it but do not use rough tissue and towel because it will irritate the affected area.

Sitting in warm water with salt can also help cure your hemorrhoids naturally. You can also use warm sitz bath. You can also buy a plastic Sitz bath which is designed for hemorrhoid treatment purpose. Spend 15 minutes for at least 3 to 4 times a day sitting on a tub with warm salt water. This should give you a soothing relief as hemorrhoid shrinks down.

Another natural remedy you can apply would be adding an icepack directly to the affected area. This is a great way to reduce the swelling and the irritation. Remember this is just a short term cure, but it will mean that you have instant pain relief.

Last but not the least is to keep a healthy body. To be healthy means taking the right food. For you who suffer from hemorrhoid, the best foods to take are those rich in fiber. Such include vegetables, fruits, barley, and wheat. Do not forget to drink plenty of water everyday too. Healthy food plus plenty of water would ensure easy digestion and stress free stool removal. So following this and the rest of the above recommendations would result to faster, safer, natural cure to hemorrhoid.

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