Is Allergy Relief Possible? What Should I Know?

Tired of sneezing and blowing your nose during pollen season? Many people with allergies agree – if you could just eliminate their allergies, you would feel better and start to love springtime once again. You could have your dream of being allergy free. What you may not know yet is that taking a strategy to enhance the immune system which we’ll call “immune enhance”, it could be the secret for you to become allergy free.

A weak immune system can result in allergies. The T cells and B cells of your immune system may not be in the normal range if blood tests are done; this would be a sign of poor or weakened immunity. Immune enhance strategies are called for when this happens.

Enhancing your immune system does not include prescription drugs or OTC products which offer some allergy relief. Suppressing the symptoms is a poor immune enhance strategy. The fact is that whatever method you use, your progress can be monitored via a complete immune system panel of tests.

Here’s an example of when you would need immune enhance strategies: when you have low white blood cells. If that diagnosis improves and normal counts of white blood cells return, you’ve had an improvement. If the symptoms return the next allergy season, there has been no improvement. Are the symptoms of allergy still there? If so, whatever you used before really did not work. The allergy relief you experienced was not enough to cause an allergy cure. An allergy cure only results when the weak immune system is fixed.

To fix the immune system with an immune enhance strategy, it may be a good idea to try natural allergy remedies on the market. Herbs, vitamins and minerals that boost immunity are ingredients of these natural allergy remedies. This makes sense, since vitamin C is a natural antihistamine, for example, and if your diet is deficient in high vitamin C fruits, the added vitamin could create allergy relief.

The immunomodulatory effects of Chinese herbs make them popular ingredients in natural allergy remedies. Not surprisingly, the Chinese have spent hundreds of years testing different herbs and know which ones are effective for which health issues. By using some of these tried and tested Chinese herbs, it’s possible that you could eventually have total allergy relief.

Natural allergy remedies should use ingredients that support the immune system in many different ways. Addressing one of the many functions of the immune system is hit or miss; and if it’s not the right function, your allergies don’t improve. There are numerous causes of weakened immunity. And that’s why Chinese herbalists always use a combination of herbs to treat any condition.

To find out about allergy relief, visit a site that describes Chinese herbs (natural allergy remedies) that support a weak immune system.


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