Is Carb Rotation a Natural Remedy for Best Weight Loss ?

If you’ve been searching for the best weight loss diet you have probably heard of the latest diet guru Jayson Hunter. Jayson, a registered dietitian and fitness expert with over 10 years experience, has perfected a weight loss program based on carb rotation. It may be the best natural remedy to help you lose weight yet.

Many people go on low carbohydrate diets, eating just meat and low carb vegetables, because they have heard that carbs make you fat. They certainly lose weight rapidly but quickly come off the diet because they feel tired and listless, get bad breath and constipation. The carbohydrate restriction causes a state of ketosis where the body burns fats which are not ideal for energy production. There are concerns that the high protein diet may damage the kidneys.

Others go on low fat diets but eat high levels of refined carbohydrates which triggers insulin that converts excess glucose to fat. They end up with all sorts of health problems from lack of essential fatty acids and too many refined carbohydrates.

It’s a fact that many low carb and low fat diets are detrimental to your health because they deprive your body of essential nutrients and energy. Your system perceives itself as being starved and automatically lowers the metabolism to conserve energy. You burn fewer and fewer calories and weight loss hits the all too familiar plateau. What ever you do you cannot kick-off the weight loss again. In fact you start gaining weight until the next attempt. This is known as yo-yo dieting.

Is Carb Rotation just another fad diet?

So is carb rotation or carb cycling just another fad diet or is it a natural health way to really get rid of unwanted pounds and fat for good? Jayson has apparently perfected a method for confusing your metabolism into melting fat almost instantly.Personal fitness trainers all over the world confirm that the program has helped their clients lose the stubborn body fat that just wouldn’t seem to come off by other means.

The diet focuses on lean meats, nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables, fiber-rich carbohydrates, good fats and lots of water. The program involves eating 5 – 6 meals a day, spaced 3 hours apart. Eating this way also keeps you feeling full and satisfied with lots of energy.

How does it work?

The Carb Rotation is based on a 3 day cycle:

  • Day 1 is a high carb, moderate protein & vegetables day.
  • Day 2 is a low carb, moderate protein & vegetables day
  • Day 3 is a no carb, all protein & vegetables day

Eating the right amount of carbs on the right days keeps the metabolism burning and results in an incredible fat blasting response. Cycling the carbs conceals the fact from your body that you are dieting. By rotating your carbs, you continually change not just the amount of calories you take in, but also the amount of macro-nutrients from one day to the next. This fools your metabolism about the fact that you’re dieting, allowing you to lose weight faster and avoid the dreaded plateau.

The diet promises

Jayson shows you how you can lose up to 15 lbs in 30 days. Of course, he includes an exercise section which helps you to tone and firm up your body. But forget boring cardio routines. It’s high-energy resistance training that gets you in and out FAST. Plus, they really sculpt and shape your body to give you that lean, sexy look most people are after. With different plans for women and men you can’t go wrong.

Jason teaches you how to keep the pounds OFF – for good! So carb rotation seems to be the natural remedy for the best weight loss. Check it out HERE.


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  1. Health remedies like this one losing weight for a healthy life is a nice idea. Who else could say for this one? Being a healthy person speaks more of you know that you have a healthy body outside and inside. There are a lot of things you must consider for you to have it. If you think you are not, then health remedies should be take into account.

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