Looking At Yeast Infection Prevention – Three Easy Things You Can Do

Natural Remedy for Yeast Infection There are several terms for a yeast infection, Thrush, Candidiasis, Candida. They are all the same thing, caused by the multiplying of a fungus, Candida Albicans. Anyone can be affected, both genders and any age.

The genital area and in particular the vagina, is a perfect breeding ground for the fungus and that is why vaginal yeast infections are the most frequent type to occur. This means that though not limited to women, it is more usual for it to happen to a woman.

There are several causes or triggers that lead to the overgrowth, a few mentioned here are clothing, medication, pregnancy, improper drying after bathing, incorrect wiping after a bowel movement, not changing out of wet clothing, diabetes and diet.

If you have a yeast infection you should treat it as quickly as you can, as ignoring it will not help, things can get worse. In extremely rare situations if the fungus was to enter the blood and attack internal organs it can even prove fatal.

This article looks in a little more detail at clothing, diet and dryness and what you can do for preventative measures.

Wear loose clothing: The ideal breeding grounds for a yeast infection to thrive in are places that are damp and warm and dark. Therefore wearing tight clothing like tight pants will keep your vaginal area at the perfect conditions for the yeast to live in. Avoid pantyhose, and tight jeans that make you sweaty. Also look at the material your underwear is made from. Synthetic materials do not allow the air to circulate so wear cotton so the skin can breathe. Fashion is certainly not worth recurring yeast infections!

Stay Dry: A very good way to keep yeast infections away is to keep the vagina dry. After you shower or bath make sure you dry properly and thoroughly. As mentioned get out of wet clothing as soon as you can, so avoid sunbathing in a wet suit, change out of sweat pants after exercising, make sure you wipe properly after urinating, change your underwear during the day when its needed.

Diet: Sometimes the cause of a yeast infection can actually be an allergic reaction to foods that contain yeast, like beer and bread. Therefore if you find yourself having reactions to such items cut them out of your diet. Try to have a healthy diet low in junk and processed foods, and low in sugars too as this is a source of food for the yeast. Vitamin C is important for keeping your immune system strong, so either take a vitamin supplement or eat more fruits and vegetable that are high in natural vitamin C. Cranberry juice is great to keep yeast infections away too, and plenty of water to flush out toxins.

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