Looking For Slumber Solutions With All Natural Sleep Aids

By Tommy McGillicutty

If you cannot fall asleep at night, or you cannot make it through the night without waking up several times, you may want to try some of the all natural sleep aids that are available. Many people prefer natural solutions to help them when they need to sleep. Of course, there are a lot of old fashioned remedies that many people swear but they often will fail, especially if your sleeplessness is a chronic problem.

Some people tend to lean toward home remedies that might not really work. Warm milk does release sleep hormones, but not in great quantities. If you are really sensitive, you might find a cup of warm milk might help. Additionally, alcohol as a depressant can definitely make one sleepy. This doesn’t make it a good sleep aid. Instead it gives you a false sleep. You may sleep through the night but it is not a restful sleep. You will not feel like you slept well in the morning without ample REM sleep.

The two most popular all natural sleep aids are valerian and melatonin. Valerian is an herb that is widely accepted as a natural sleep agent. Many European countries sell it as an over-the-counter sleep aid. No one is really certain of how this herb works in the human body or why it is effective as a sleep aid.

When you use herbal or natural remedies you don’t feel drugged. This means your mornings can still be good mornings and your day will be fresh rather than medicated. Either way, you should be wary of taking valerian for more than 90 days at a time.

Melatonin is a hormone that the body naturally produces to get the body to sleep. When light naturally decreases the brain releases serotonin, which is then turned into melatonin. If you having issues falling asleep, taking melatonin will help you get to sleep.

Yet with melatonin there are no side effects. It is available in 3 or 5 milligram doses. You should start the dosing an hour before bed. Start with a small dose and add a dose every 30 minutes until you’re asleep to find your dosing requirement. It is almost impossible to overdose on melatonin, as 300 milligrams is a tolerable ceiling for most patients.

All natural sleep aids that contain either of these two ingredients are the most popular by far. While there are a host of sleep solutions on the market, you’ll want to be assured you’ll be quite functional the next day in order to make a good night’s sleep well worth it. Easier to obtain, cheaper, and more effective than medication, these are sleep aids that solve the problem without the potential disasters that the popular sleep medications claim as a potential side effect.



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