Increase in Use of Natural Health Remedies

Millions of people treat themselves with natural remedies instead of consulting their doctors. Despite frequent adverse publicity about their effectiveness their popularity has risen by a third since 2002 as more and more people try to find solutions for chronic health problems without the side effects of drugs.

Researchers report that more and more people are turning to the internet to research symptoms and self-diagnose but there are fears that there is not enough information available about treatments.

Professor Ernst, Professor of Complementary Medicine of Exeter University, England warns that some remedies are harmless placebos, some are effective and others could be harmful.

This is vigorously refuted by practitioners of Complementary Medicine who maintain that the popularity of alternative treatments and natural health remedies and natural cures is increasing because people find them effective for chronic diseases that conventional medicine can’t seem to treat.

This blog has been set up to bring you information about effective naturalĀ  remedies and natural cures which has been the basis of the natural health and healing movement for hundreds of years.


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