Not Getting Pregnant? – 3 Things That May Be Preventing You From Having A Child

Has the time finally come that you have decided you want to have a child but for some reason you are not getting pregnant?

Most women never give too much thought about not being able to have children. It is something that we take for granted until the time comes that we try to have a baby and find that we are having trouble conceiving a child.

Trying to get pregnant month after month with no success is very frustrating. You start wondering what’s wrong with me and why am I not getting pregnant?

Just because you have run into some difficulty trying to conceive a child does not mean that you can’t or won’t. Most women who have trouble getting pregnant have no medical problems preventing them from doing so. They just need to make some lifestyle changes that improve their chances of conception.

Listed below are 3 things that may be stopping you from conceiving a child:

Miscalculating Ovulation – As simple as this may sound, if you don’t know when you ovulate it can make it very difficult to get pregnant. Most women are on a 28 day cycle and will ovulate around day 14. Women who have a shorter cycle for example 25 days would ovulate around day 11. Those with longer cycles that last 34 days or so would ovulate around day 20.

Take time to study your body and learn when ovulation occurs for you.

Not Having Sex At The Right Time – As simple as this may seem, it is one of the major causes of women not getting pregnant. The best time to have sex is a couple of days before ovulation begins and on the actual day of ovulation. In order to get this right, you have to follow step one above and learn your ovulation cycle.

What You Eat– If you are trying to get pregnant you want to eat a diet rich in dark green leafy vegetables, eggs, organic meats, fish, fruits, broccoli and cauliflower. Rid your diet of caffeine, processed and sugary foods.

The healthier your diet, the stronger your immune system and the better your chances are for getting pregnant.

These are just 3 possible reasons for not getting pregnant. For more information on natural ways to cure infertility and increase your chances of becoming pregnant, visit the resource listed below.

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    Isn’t it fascinating how the woman’s immune system can both help her healthy for better conception and NOT kill off the embryo as a foreign invader. There was an interesting article about this I read a while back by Gil Mor called “Pregnancy reconceived: what keeps a mother’s immune system from treating her baby as foreign tissue?” You may want to check it out sometime.


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