Danger Dyes in Childrens Medicines

Many of the most popular children’s medicines contain additives that are known to cause hyperactivity in some children. The Hyperactive Children Support group in the UK has claimed for the last 30 years that artificial additives in food and drink cause hyperactivity and bad
behaviour in many children.

Recent research just published in the respected medical journal The Lancet has confirmed what many have known for years that e-numbers are not good for children and cause bad behaviour and hyperactivity in some susceptible children.

A national newspaper in the UK is campaigning for a complete ban on additives and supermarket giants have pledged to remove additives from their own label products.

Of more concern perhaps is the fact that many children’s medicines are highly coloured with red dyes that that can cause allergic reactions in asthmatics, mild rashes and hyperactivity. Is this what you want for your sick child? Makers of the medicines maintain that the artificial colour is there to make the medicine more acceptable to children and the amount of additive consumed is tiny.

Many parents are not convinced and are turning to natural health remedies rather than use medicines. Natural remedies work with the body whereas medicines tend to suppress the reactions of the body to the illness which natural health practitioners view as damaging.

Doctors know that in many cases the condition will disappear in a few day without drug intervention but feel pressurized by the parent to prescribe something. Children have amazing recovery powers and respond very quickly to herbs and other natural remedies.

Native Remedies have formulated a wonderful range of herbal medicines for children. Kiddie Cool helps calm, soothe and reduce fever in children. Kiddie Boost helps improve immune system functioning and promotes natural resistance to illness if your child is always picking up things at nursery or school.

Your child should start to get better within 48 hours and any infection gone in 7 – 10 days. Many doctors believe that children should not be given antibiotics and that the body’s own immune system will fight the infection given time. We are all in too much of a hurry these days to let the body respond naturally to infections. Natural remedies can keep our child comfortable and support the body’s own natural defenses.



Migraine Drugs Cause Headaches

Have you been diagnosed with chronic migraine for which you take pain killers? Consider the fact that you may have migraines plus daily headaches caused by the very pills you take to relieve migraine.

Scientists revealed yesterday that half a million women have migraines caused by the drugs they take to cure them. Taking too many pain killers can cause the body to stop producing its own natural pain reducing substances. This results in rebound headaches. When you stop the painkiller you get a headache so you have to take some more.

Director of clinical research at the City of London Migraine Clinic Ann MacGregor called for a national campaign to warn people of the risks. She stated that many of her patients had rebound headaches when they started using analgesics such as paracetamol or triptans, drugs that treat migraine.

To get rid of migraines for good you have to find and treat the underlying causes or triggers Migraines can be triggered by food or chemical intolerance, low blood sugar or blood sugar imbalances, going without food for long periods, alcohol, changes in weather, hormonal fluctuations, low magnesium levels, flashing lights and exercise in some susceptible people.

To get off painkillers for the frequent headaches you can go cold turkey which is very hard to do when you are suffering a rebound headaches. A good detox program that supports liver function could help you get off the painkillers more easily. There are many natural health remedies that you can use to help relieve the headache as well as several that can help prevent the migraines in the first place.

Some research has found that a supplement of a natural substance called 5-HTP, that is made from a plant, can reduce the frequency and severity of migraines. The herbs feverfew and butterbur have also been used successfully to prevent migraine. They have to be taken regularly for 3 months or more for the best results so don’t give up too soon.

Magnesium has been found to be low in many migraine sufferers so ensuring you have high magnesium foods such as green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds in your diet as well as taking a supplement of 400 – 500 mg in a good absorbable form can also help.

The most successful treatment involves finding and correcting the underlying problems which in most people is more than one. The effort will be well worth it to cure your migraines.

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Green Tea Boosts Detox

Its heartening to know that the current craze for drinking green tea is actually good for you. The tea shelves in supermarkets are absolutely loaded with a huge variety of green tea. Garden centre coffee shops to motorway service cafes are now offering green tea alongside the more traditional black teas. So what’s so special about it?

Researchers at the Arizona Cancer Center have discovered that a green tea concentrate boosted the production of some vital enzymes in people whose levels were low. They gave a concentrate of the natural chemicals found in green tea known as catechins in an amount equivalent to to drinking 8 – 16 cup to 42 people. These potent antioxidants increased detox enzymes by 80%.

The key enzymes glutathione-S- transferase are thought to be vital to defend the body against cancer causing chemicals and toxins. People with low levels of these enzymes due to genetics or environmental factors have an increased risk of cancer. The detox enzyme system convert known cancer causing agents into non toxic substances which can then be safely got rid of by the body.

Green tea has been the subject of many studies since it was observed that Japanese and Chinese populations who habitually drink it have lower rates of cancer although they concede that other factors may be involved.

There are a number of detox enxyme systems in the liver that play key roles in detoxification. Previous research has shown that various substances in food, certain vitamins and minerals can all help boost the detox pathways in the body. Many natural cancer therapies employ the use of these specific foods and nutrients to detoxify and regenerate the body.

Don’t wait until you have cancer, learn how to detox and prevent it.


Baby Eczema

Baby or infant eczema is a very distressing condition both for the baby and mother. It is very common in babies who come from families that suffer from hayfever, asthma, allergies, eczema and migraine. These families are said to be atopic. Eczema is also called atopic dermatitis.

The condition can often appear first on the cheeks and the baby constantly rubs against something to try to relieve the intense itching. It can affect any part of the body. The skin appears red and inflamed and tiny blisters can often appear under the skin surface. The blisters can break and ooze causing crusting. Scratching further damages the skin and it can become infected with bacteria.

The mother may notice that the eczema starts after a vaccination or series of them, when she introduces cow’s milk or starts weaning. The lining of the digestive system in babies is more permeable than an adults. This means that undigested food particles can cross the intestinal barrier and provoke an immune reaction. The reaction causes the skin to erupt as eczema.

Research at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, England has confirmed that the majority of children with eczema have food allergies or intolerances. The avoidance of the foods will frequently bring about a complete clearing of the eczema. Chemicals and clothing can also cause it and the baby may be sensitive to both foods and chemicals that he is in contact with.

Some doctors now believe that babies are washed too frequently. Babies skins are much thiner and delicate than adults so daily bathing may not be good for them especially if they are prone to dry skin or eczema. Some soaps even though made for babies contain chemicals that could cause the eczema.

Here are some ways to avoid eczema:

  • Breast feed for 6 months if possible as it helps to seal the intestines.
  • Consider using hydrolysed milk powders instead of cow’s milk formulas in atopic families.
  • Do not wean the baby too early. Wait until 6 months before introducing solid food.
  • Avoid giving wheat products like cereal, biscuits and bread, eggs, fish and nuts until at least 12 months old.
  • Introduce vegetable and fruit purees first. Buy organic where possible to avoid chemical residues.
  • Top and tail when possible instead of bathing daily.
  • Avoid wool and scratchy fabrics that could cause skin reactions.
  • Avoid regular and biological washing detergents and use special natural products.

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Are Herbal Diet Pills a Big Con?

Herbal diet pills have become increasingly popular because they promise weight loss without real hardship according to a recent article in a national newspaper. Many doctors are concerned over the safety of them. Some herbal diet pills contain stimulants and appetite suppressants which work on the thyroid or hypothalamus. Dr Downing, medical director of The Alliance for Natural Health in the UK, said that you should never buy diet pills that are only available online as their pedigree is dubious and they may not comply with EU regulations.

Various different ingedients are used in over the counter herbal slimming aids such as alfalfa leaf powder which can make you feel full, gymnaema sylvestre which helps with blood sugar regulation, Hoodia complex seems to work as an appetite suppressant, green tea extract which some studies show can increase metabolism, fucus extract from seaweed has a high iodine content which can stimulate the metabolic rate if you lack iodine.

Most herbal diet pills state that they should be used as part of a calorie controlled diet and an exercise program. But a calorie controlled diet and exercise should help you lose weight whatever you take.

Some doctors and natural health practioners believe that toxic chemicals make you fat. The body has a naturally designed slimming system that is made up of a complex network of hormones that regulate appetite, blood sugar levels and metabolism. According to Dr Paula Baillie-Hamilton an expert on environmental medicine, the natural slimming system in the body is being poisoned by the toxic chemicals we encounter in our daily lives.

She claims that virtually all the 21st century chemicals we are exposed to in our food and environment may have some sort of weight altering effect even at low levels. These include a wide range of pesticides, heavy metals, plastics, solvents, medicines, environmental pollutants and fire retardants.

Fortunately this can be reversed by taking steps to avoid toxic chemicals and metals as far as possible, following a good detox diet plan several times a year that supports liver detox, maintaining a healthy balanced diet, and getting regular exercise.


Balance Your Hormones

A recent national newspaper article highlighted the importance of diet and nutritional supplements for couples who have had problems conceiving or have had repeated miscarriages. Foresight, the charitable organisation for pre-conceptual care, takes hair samples from both partners for mineral and toxic metal analysis. A diet and nutritional supplement programme is devised based on the results to detox heavy metals, correct deficiencies and balance hormones.

Mrs Barnes the founder says “Quite often what is preventing a healthy conception can be a simple lack of zinc in the woman or selenium in the man”. Foresight also advise that both partners should give up alcohol, cigarettes and drugs for at least 4 months before trying for a baby.

A woman who had suffered four miscarriages and spent £5,000 on IVF said it did not sound too bad and was not a lot to ask. She and her partner both followed the progamme and found that it was well worth it as they were surprised that she became pregnant very quickly and had a healthy child.

Several years later they wanted another baby but she had another miscarriage. They went straight back on the Foresight programme and had a second successful pregnancy.

Some might say this is just coincidence but Foresight have so many success stories that it is hard to refute. Couples should also be screened for genito-urinary conditions such as chlamydia which can be present with no symptoms causing infertility.

Couples following the Foresight Program have good pregancies, easy labours with no complications like premature labours, cesarian sections or inductions of labour.


Liver problems? Try Milk Thistle a Natural Herbal Remedy.

Modern living taxes the body’s detox systems. The detox pathways become overloaded with pesticides, polluted water and air, alcohol, smoke, solvents, drugs and more. Our liver, kidneys, lungs and bowels, the major detox organs, are being pushed beyond their limits.

Research into natural remedies to support these organs has turned to Milk Thistle also called Silymarin, an old liver remedy. The seeds of this plant , once cultivated in Mediterranean countries as a vegetable, are the part mostly used for their medicinal qualities.

Used by 19th and 20th century American physicians to relieve liver, spleen or kidney congestion,scientific studies today show that its active compounds are particularly liver protective. It helps protect the liver from damage by viruses, toxins, alcohol and medications. It has been used for over 2000 years as a medicine by natural healers.

Milk thistle protects the liver by neutralizing cellular toxins and blocking the entrance of others. It acts as an antioxidant fighting those damaging molecules know as free radicals. Most importantly it can regenerate liver cells.

It is used to treat liver damage seen in cirrhosis, viral hepatitis, bile duct inflammation and fatty liver induced by alcohol and chemicals. It is helpful in radiation damage, cancer, type 2 diabetes and for lowering cholesterol. The damaging effects of paracetamol, anti-inflammatories and anti-depressant drugs may be improved by this remarkable herb. The elimination of some drugs may be speeded up by Milk Thistle so care should be taken when being treated with, for example, paclitaxil or digoxin.

Always consult a Medical Herbalist if you suffer from a serious medical condition rather than self treat. Protecting the liver is becoming more and more important in todays toxic world.



Taking Charge of Your Fertility

Fertility, by definition is the ability to produce offspring. In the past fertility problems were thought to be due to problems only with the female reproductive system. Today science knows that the problem can be due to male or female infertility or both.

In medical terminology problems with fertility (infertility), is diagnosed when a couple has been trying to conceive for a year without success. Additionally, if a couple conceives but the woman has repeated miscarriages, this will also be diagnosed as infertility. Another diagnosis, secondary infertility, is when a couple has had 1 pregnancy and then cannot conceive again.


Fertility of both males and females decreases with age. Female fertility begins to decrease in the late twenties and male fertility decreases after the age of 35. As many couples wait until their 30’s and 40’s to begin a family, the number of couples experiencing fertility problems increases. Another factor contributing to fertility problems is lack of education. Women and their partners are not fully aware of the reproductive cycle, particularly the most fertile time of the cycle. This fact has made fertility calculators very popular. Hormonal imbalances, poor nutrition, and an overload of toxins in the body, are causes of fertility problems common to both sexes. There are, of course, fertility problems unique to each of the sexes.


Failure to ovulate due to hormonal imbalances or blocked fallopian tubes can be a cause of female infertility. Endometriosis, fibroids, and an allergy to her partner’s sperm may also be causes of female infertility.


Males may experience a low or absent sperm count. The male’s sperm may be unhealthy or have poor motility, keeping it from reaching or fertilizing the egg.


A holistic approach to fertility problems begins with education. Additionally, lifestyle and dietary changes may be recommended. Hormonal imbalances may be corrected with detox programs.


Conventional treatment for female fertility problems may include surgery to remove fibroids or treat endometriosis. Hormone replacement therapy may be advised. Endometriosis and fibroids may be treated holistically through nutritional and herbal techniques.


Sperm production, quality, and motility can be treated through nutritional techniques. If you are experiencing fertility problems seek a health care professional who is willing to look at both conventional and holistic approaches to your problem.


  • Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables preferably organic.
  • Choose whole cereals: brown rice, oats, millet, quinoa etc.
  • Include beans: garbanzos (chickpeas), aduki, haricot, lentils etc.
  • Look for fresh unsalted nuts and seeds.
  • Seek out free range or organic poultry, meat and eggs.
  • Eat small fish from unpolluted sources.
  • Choose organic dairy products or goat’s milk.
  • Eat organic live yogurt several times a week.
  • Use cold pressed unrefined oils and do not heat them: sesame, sunflower, olive oil.
  • Cook only in a little organic butter or preferably ghee (clarified butter).
  • Reduce fried foods.
  • Use coffee substitutes: Caro, Bambu etc.
  • Reduce regular tea and try herbal teas, fruit teas or weak green tea.
  • Reduce sugar and replace with natural sweeteners: date syrup, argave, fruit juices, stevia.
  • Replace alcohol with healthy non-alcoholic drinks without artificial sweeteners.
  • Avoid additives and preservatives.
  • Reduce exposure to chemicals in the home and garden.
  • Avoid radiation.
  • Give up smoking and drugs (except essential medication).
  • Use a water filter and drink 8 glasses of pure water a day.
  • Do not heat or store food in plastic containers.
  • Avoid microwave and bar-b-que food.
  • Consider a detox program.

Taking charge of your fertility and implementing lifestyle and nutritional changes and correcting
nutritional deficiencies has been proven to correct infertility in many cases.

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Eat Your Greens to Prevent Prostate Cancer

Well we always knew that we had to eat up our greens because they were good for us didn’t we? Scientists claim that eating broccoli and cauliflower twice a week can cut the risk of prostate cancer by almost 50%. Researchers from the National Cancer Institute in Maryland revealed yesterday that the results of a four year study on 29,000 men showed that those who ate cauliflower or broccoli at least once a week had far fewer fast growing tumors which spread rapidly through the body. They claimed that broccoli cuts the risk by 45% and cauliflower by 52%.

Cancer charities have pointed out that they have long advised an intake of a variety of fruit and vegetables to help protect against cancer in general. But the researchers claim that these two vegetables were better than any others to help prevent the development of aggressive prostate cancer as they contain natural substances that protect DNA damage.

What the media stories do not report is the fact that many studies on the natural substances carbinol and flavonoids found in cruciferous vegetables that include cabbage, Brussels sprouts as well as broccoli, cauliflower have been shown to improve the detox function of the liver.

The liver is the main organ of detoxification in the body which through a highly complex and sophisticated system neutralizes and gets rid of many potential cancer causing chemical toxins that enter our bodies through our food, water, air pollution and personal products. These foods are especially valuable in the prevention of all cancers.

Men are encouraged to eat their 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day that includes broccoli and cauliflower as part of a healthy diet. Prostate cancer is becoming increasingly common among the over 50’s and 10, 000 die from the disease in the UK and nearly 32,000 in the USA every year.

Eating a healthy balanced diet, reducing exposure to cancer causing toxins and living and stress can help prevent all cancers in both men and women.


Plastic Toxins that Cause Infertility

Estrogen mimics, chemicals that can behave like the hormone estrogen have been known to contribute to hormonal imbalance and infertility for some time. Now scientists from the National Institute of Health in North Carolina have warned that low concentrations of a chemical we are routinely exposed to may cause ovarian cysts and endometrial hyperplasia, an abnormal thickening of the lining of the womb, both conditions which can cause infertility. This chemical Bisphenol-A is found in many plastic products including babies bottles, the lining in many cans, plastic food containers, sunglasses and CD cases.

Researchers writing in the Journal of Reproductive Toxicology said that babies and children were at particular risk as they were still developing. Chemical manufacturers insist as usual that there is no risk. There are however companies producing babies bottles and food containers that are free of Bisphenol-A. It is wise to seek them out.

If you are concerned about your health and fertility then it pays to avoid these plastics and take steps to detoxify toxic chemicals that are stored in your body.


What is Detox?

Detox. It sounds like a violent process. Actually, your body is performing a detox right now. 24/7 your body stops toxins from harming you through a complex detox system. What are toxins? Any substance that may be harmful to your body is a toxin. Some chemicals that are naturally produced by your body build up faster than they can be eliminated and so become toxic. Other toxins enter our bodies from the outside. They come from the things we eat and drink, the air we breathe, or even the soaps and lotions we put on our skin.

Each persons detox system is unique. Some work better than others do. There are many factors that cause these differences. These factors include genetics, environment, and nutrition. Many diseases and problems we face today can be related to toxic overload. hormonal imbalances, food and chemical sensitivity, fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Cancer, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, infertility and immune system problems, can all be affected by toxin levels in the body.

Your body’s detox system includes the bowel, kidneys, the lymphatic system, skin, lungs and liver. Of these the liver is the key to the whole system. The liver breaks down toxins into forms the other organs can manage. Scientists have developed tests to determine how well the liver is functioning. They also recognize that specific foods and supplements added to a diet(and others avoided) improve the liver’s function, and thus improves other health conditions. The exact principles of detox.

Detox is not a new idea. Healer’s world wide, of different nationalities, different backgrounds, and different beliefs, have been using the principles of detox for thousands of years. Perhaps they did not understand exactly what they were doing, but they saw results. The same results we can see today.

Always seek the advice of a health care professional who has knowledge and experience with detox before attempting a detox if you have a serious condition.

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Increase in Use of Natural Health Remedies

Millions of people treat themselves with natural remedies instead of consulting their doctors. Despite frequent adverse publicity about their effectiveness their popularity has risen by a third since 2002 as more and more people try to find solutions for chronic health problems without the side effects of drugs.

Researchers report that more and more people are turning to the internet to research symptoms and self-diagnose but there are fears that there is not enough information available about treatments.

Professor Ernst, Professor of Complementary Medicine of Exeter University, England warns that some remedies are harmless placebos, some are effective and others could be harmful.

This is vigorously refuted by practitioners of Complementary Medicine who maintain that the popularity of alternative treatments and natural health remedies and natural cures is increasing because people find them effective for chronic diseases that conventional medicine can’t seem to treat.

This blog has been set up to bring you information about effective natural  remedies and natural cures which has been the basis of the natural health and healing movement for hundreds of years.