Diet and Sleep

By James Cook

You probably know by yourself that after you had a good night sleep you feel much better and have more energy. Having a good sleep is important for your body as well and for its health also. You should know that foods you eat can have an impact on your sleep, some on them improve it and some oppositely, can distract it and make your rest impossible.

Products like fruits, cereals and whole grain breads, green leafy vegetables, mushrooms can help to improve your sleep. Also spices including dill, sage and basil for instance also will aid in improving your sleep.

You should remember those days when your parents put you to bed with a cup of milk and there was a reason to that. Milk actually helps with the sleep a lot. It’s rich in substance called tryptophan which again helps in creating a hormone called serotonin. Serotonin is a hormone that controls sleep.

Apart from milk tryptophan can be found in products such as honey, turkey, egg whites and tuna, which are considered to be the sleep improving snacks.

As you may know, caffeine should be avoided before your bedtime. Products containing this stimulant include coffee, tea, chocolate, cocoa, soft drinks and some medications.

Also tyramine and tyramine rich foods like cheese, bacon, sugar, tomatoes and ham should be avoided.

Spicy food also can potentially disturb your rest because there’s always a risk of experiencing indigestion or heartburn. Alcohol is another thing to avoid, even if from the first point of view it seems to aid sleep by making you tired and sleepy.

Remember that the amount of food before you go to sleep also has an effect on your sleep. Keep your last meal light to avoid indigestion, heartburn and general discomfort which all can make your sleep disturbed.

Additionally, to improve your sleep you can take vitamins and supplements. Supplements that include vitamins B6 and B12, calcium, magnesium and valerian should help you.

To have a good sleep you should really look after what you eat, when you eat and how much you eat. If you feel that your sleep is affected by the food you eat, try changing it to much lighter and healthier.

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