Pregnancy and Fertility problems

Fertility problems are twice as common as previously thought. A recent study found that 36% of couples with fertility problems have a least 3 sessions of IVF costing up to £8,000 a time but less than half these treatments result in pregnancy.

It is a great shame that more information is not given to these couples about natural remedies for pregnancy and treatments for infertility. Chinese herbs have been used for thousands of years to help balance a woman’s hormones to increase fertility.

Advances in hormone testing that plots a woman’s sex hormones every 3 – 4 days over one monthly cycle can pick up problems with hormone balance that the routine tests do not. Estrogen dominance and the sudden drop of progesterone at the end of a cycle are common causes of infertility or the inability to maintain a pregnancy.

Foresight, the association for the promotion of pre-conceptual care, has excellent results with previously infertile couples by correcting nutritional deficiencies and reducing toxic metals in both partners.

Low or imbalanced minerals and the presence of toxic metals are determined by hair mineral analysis. Practitioners who use the system recommend a more nutritional diet with supplements of highly absorbable vitamins and minerals to correct the deficiencies. Specific supplements are given to reduce the metals that can interfere with minerals that are needed for proper hormone balance and fertility.

Couples are also advised to get checked for Chlamydia, a sexually transmitted disease, that can present without any obvious symptoms. Chlamydia is one cause of blocked fallopian tubes, pelvic inflammatory disease, and thought to be related to endometriosis.

Well informed couples are also taking measures to detox chemicals from their bodies that are likely to be interfering with fertility. Many synthetic chemicals that end up being stored on our bodies are known as hormone or estrogen mimics as they can behave like the natural hormone estrogen.

Researchers have found that babies are born with a number of chemicals in their blood that have been passed from the mother. Parents who want to avoid this are choosing to undergo detox programs that help top get rid of these chemicals or certainly lower them as much as possible before getting pregnant.

It has been proven that if both parents follow a nutritious diet and healthy lifestyle, take specific nutritional supplements or herbal remedies and live relatively free from pollutants for some months prior to trying to get pregnant they will not only improve their fertility, but will also significantly reduce their chances of having a miscarriage or labor complications.

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