Psoriasis And Recommended Home Remedies

Psoriasis CureDry, red, scaly patches on your skin are the common indicators of psoriasis. It is unclear as to whether psoriasis is an allergy or infection of the skin. A person suffering from psoriasis is highly self-conscious and physically uncomfortable. In some severe cases, the person ends up wearing clothing that completely covers their body to hide the affected areas.

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The following is a list of different soothing measures you can take to help calm or even cure the psoriasis.

Suggested Home Remedies For Psoriasis

1. Keeping the skin hydrated is a very important step. A shower, swim or relaxing in the bath tub can help in many ways such as reduce itching, reduce redness, soften the scales and in removing them. Always remember that hot water can aggravate your condition by increasing the itching, so keep the water luke warm.

2. Soaking in water removes the oils from your skin, so it is very important that you moisturize your skin. A regular moisturizing routine will help keep your skin soft and combat the effects of psoriasis.

3. Pay close attention to the type you choose. Certain types of soap can dry your skin out even more, exacerbating the psoriasis. Be sure to use a mild soap, preferably one that has a moisturizer base.

4. Humidity is a very important requirement when it comes to psoriasis remedy. It is recommended that you keep a simple humidifier in your room.

5. Psoriasis can be further aggravated by certain medications, like lithium, beta-blockers, and anti-malarials, to name a few. Make sure to let your doctor know if you are suffering from psoriasis, before taking any new medications.

6. Any type of external irritation, such as sunburns, scratching, or rough clothing will aggravate the psoriasis.

7. If you are overweight and suffer from psoriasis, it is recommended that you lose the excess weight, as it may be a contributing factor to psoriasis.

8. The strep virus may trigger psoriasis in some people. If you are suffering from fever or sore throat, be sure that you see your doctor right away.

So far, they have not found a cure for psoriasis, but these steps will help in relieving the symptoms of psoriasis.

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