Raw Food Detox Diet – Turbo Charge Your Health with a Deep Tissue Detox Diet

The Raw Divas have put together an incredible 6 week raw food deep tissue detox so you can get back the health and energy you deserve. If you are struggling with poor health, can’t lose weight, have low energy, water retention, cravings for bad food, constipation, indigestion, poor sleep, stress, or just niggling symptoms then a powerful detox is just the thing.

Cleanse away poor health

This raw food detox can cleanse away those deep toxins that have been lingering in your body for years and turbo charge your health. If 6 weeks sounds like a long and painful task then then don’t worry. This is a slow, gentle detox that allows you to carry on your everyday work efficiently and does not stress your body.

Your Detox Consultant

The Raw Divas have enlisted the help of Dr Ritamarie Loscalzo as your Health Educator and Detox Consultant. Dr Ritamarie understands what you are going through. She recovered from adrenal exhaustion, and a toxicity related illness with detoxification and by following a fresh whole food diet. She discovered a level of health and energy that she never knew was possible.

She has since studied Functional Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, Chiropractic and Acupuncture and will incorporate the wisdom of ancient healing with modern functional medicine into the program.

Your detox system is all choked up

It is an indisputable fact that we all take in toxins on a daily basis. Researchers have shown that we all have a number of toxic chemicals in our bodies that our natural detox system simply cannot handle. The only way to release these toxins that damage your cells and organs is through detox.

Don’t imagine for a minute though that you can get rid of all the toxins that have invaded your body over many years in one short detox however hard you try. Regular periods of detox are essential and a deep tissue cleanse once a year could improve your health dramatically.

Ground breaking 6 week tissue cleanse

In this ground breaking 6 week detox you will discover which foods clear toxins from your body and strengthen your liver’s detox system so you can deal with the inevitable toxic exposure in this polluted world.

The program is based on raw foods but they supply a selection of cooked food alternatives if you don’t feel you can do an all raw detox to begin with. You get menu suggestions for 60 days that will be easy for you to follow. With six support teleseminars, three different detox plans to choose from and a private forum to interact with other participants you cannot go wrong.

The cleanse starts on 19th April so If you are still struggling with any health problem then I recommend that you take a look at what the Raw Divas have put together for you. ( This Program is no longer available)




2 thoughts on “Raw Food Detox Diet – Turbo Charge Your Health with a Deep Tissue Detox Diet

  1. I missed your incredible 6 week raw food deep tissue detox but i would like to get my health and energy back. Hope you’ll post it again soon.

  2. I was really glad to have come across your blog mentioning a detox diet that included raw food.

    Although your blog stated that the diet program had already started and I had missed out it did get me to looking for more information on raw food detoxing thanks to your blog. Keep up the good work and I’ll be back next time to get your recipe.

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