Anxiety Disorder Facts

The feeling of anxiety is required to prime our body to face the danger and overcome the challenging situation but excessive anxiety is harmful. When your body fails to switch off the body response mechanism even after the threat is over and gone, your anxiety persists and you feel the normal activities as challenging.

When you perceive threat about normal everyday events such as locking your house to go out that triggers anxiety about burglary or fear of fire accident due to gas leak in the kitchen. These bouts of misplaced anxiety may last even for years and needs immediate medical attention.

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Dealing With Anxiety Attacks: Information That Will Help You Overcome Your Anxiety

By Trevor Mosley
Anxiety attacks can seriously impede the life of individuals living with panic disorders. During the attacks, one can feel as if he is about go crazy. For those who have never experienced the trauma, they can only imagine the magnitude of an attack. The victims often lead a life of fearful anticipation, worried about their next panic attack.