The Treatment Of Endometriosis Using Herbal Medicine And Acupuncture

Endometriosis is a very painful condition that affects women; the condition can lead to multiple health related issues. Instead of using traditional forms of medicine some women prefer treating the condition with acupuncture and herbal medicine. The treatments offered vary upon the level of severity as well as a woman’s future plans to have children.

Typically women between the ages of 25 to 35 are diagnosed with endometriosis, but it can occur at different stages of a women’s life. Once a month the ovaries produce hormones that cause the cells of the uterine lining to increase in number and plan for a fertilized egg. The specific cells that cause this are called endometrial cells. They should only grow inside the uterus, when they begin to grow outside of the uterus the condition is referred to as endometriosis.

This condition causes a woman a great deal of pain and can also produce scars on the ovaries, tubes, and area surrounding the pelvis. It can also lead to chronic pelvic pain, development of large cysts in the pelvis, and infertility. A doctor may provide many options for treatment such as: surgery, hysterectomy, and medication. Not all women wish to take drugs or have an invasive operation such as a surgical procedure. For women that wish to have children at some point a hysterectomy is not an option, so they search for possible alternatives such as herbal medicine and acupuncture.

Herbal medicines and acupuncture are often used collectively to not only treat the physical conditions but the mental, emotional, and spiritual conditions as well. Acupuncture has been practiced in China for thousands of years, its use in America started around the 1970s. One of the most common uses for acupuncture in America is for pain treatment.

During an acupuncture treatment the acupuncturist will use small, thin, sterile needles. These needles are inserted in the body in various locations based on the circumstances involved and reason for the treatment. Some typical locations where the needles are inserted for the treatment of endometriosis are in the legs, feet, ears, wrists, abdomen, and back. Usually the needles are left in the same place on the body for about 20 to 40 minutes; the time may vary based on the overall severity and the level of progress. The use of acupuncture to treat endometriosis is believed to be effective because it can re balance hormone levels, increase overall circulation, and reduce the amount of pain by increasing the number of endorphins produced by the body.

One of the first forms of medicine practiced was herbal medicine. Herbalists use a very wide variety of medicinal plants to provide their patients with medicine that is used both externally and internally for the treatment of an illness or sickness. Herbalists base their techniques on traditional uses for plants as well as modern breakthroughs in science to develop new uses for medicinal plants. Many different plants can be used in the treatment of endometriosis such as: horsetail, dandelion, cramp bark, motherwort, burdock, and wild yam. Herbalists use many of these plants as well as others for the treatment of endometriosis because they can aid the body in creating a balanced level of hormones. They can also increase the strength of the immune system which helps the body naturally fight sicknesses and illnesses naturally.

Like most medicines and treatments the use of acupuncture and herbs may take some time to produce results. When a woman chooses acupuncture or herbal medicine they should only be performed under the careful watch of an acupuncturist or herbalist. For women that suffer from endometriosis, acupuncture and herbal medicine offer an alternative to surgical procedures and drugs produced in a lab.

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