Thyroid Problems -UK Dr Charged for Curing People.

Hundreds of people have been cured of feeling tired all the time by a doctor who believes that the current ranges for thyroid hormone are wrong. Blood tests done on the NHS by GP’s in the UK to check thyroid function tend to look only at Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (THS) levels.

If the level of this hormone is within the so called “normal range” then the person does not have low thyroid function so does not need thyroid hormone according to current guidelines.

UK doctor Gordon Skinner, who has a huge following of patients who have been given their lives back by a single tablet of thyroxin disagrees with the official definition of normal thyroid function. He has been charged with reckless prescribing but allowed to continue to practice by the General Medical Council much to the relief of his patients who supported him through the hearing.

Thyroid stimulating hormone is produced by the pituitary gland in the brain to stimulate the thyroid gland to produce the thyroid hormone. If there is not enough thyroid hormone circulating in the blood then the pituitary senses this and the theory is that it then increases the production of THS.

If the blood test shows that TSH is increased then the doctor would normally consider the patient to have low thyroid function and prescribe a synthetic version of thyroid hormone called thyroxin.

To confuse the issue further the “normal range” for blood levels of TSH are different in Germany and the USA so that a person in the UK who had “normal” levels would be considered hypothyroid in the USA.

However some functional medicine doctors believe that the pituitary does not always sense the low blood levels of thyroid hormone and does not increase the production of TSH.

In fact this has been proven by doctors who have done more detailed blood tests that check on T4 and T3 levels. The majority of T4 produced by the thyroid is converted to T3 which is the more active hormone of the two.

They have found that some patients have low T4 and T3 in spite of having a normal TSH and benefit from taking a synthetic or natural form of T4 or T3 or a combination of the two.

Thyroid hormones are very important as every cell in the body depends on them for regular metabolism. These hormones determine how fast or how slow our organs should work and when our body systems use energy.

Dr Skinner believes in looking at the patients symptoms as well as other factors. Some of the symptoms of low thyroid (hypothyroid) are fatigue, difficulty in losing weight, constipation, thinning hair, dry skin, poor concentration.

The thyroid makes these two hormones T4 & T3 from Tyrosine , an amino acid, and iodine which can be found in foods such as seafood and salt. The mineral selenium is needed for T4 to be converted into T3.

Some nutritional medicine doctors prefer to try to find and correct the underlying cause of low function and may recommend these nutrients if found to be lacking.

The gland is very susceptible to toxicity especially environmental toxicity so regular detox can help restore its function.

Natural remedies are herbs that are known to support thyroid function such as Bladderwrack or kelp which contain iodine. Coleus forskohlii, an Indian herbal remedy, may help to increase thyroid hormone secretion.

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