Wonderful Vitamin C

The recent change in weather from warm, sunshiny days to very cool rainy one may have also marked a change of health for you. In the past, this time of year has been noted for the increase in viruses, colds and flu. If you have bronchial problems or allergies, the barometer change may also have created breathing difficulties for you. The good news is that the extra financial burden that usually accompanies ill health can be averted and you can make it through the cooler season easily.

To get through the flu season unscathed, using vitamin C is an excellent remedy, often overlooked. And if you do happen to run into some nasty virus, vitamin C is also the answer. The director of Angel Longevity Medical Center in Los Angeles says that even though she’s been using vitamin C to treat patients for years, she is still amazed at the results and how quickly people recover.

Vitamin C is actually a pretty phenomenal substance and a wonderful natural medicine. It is antibiotic, anti-viral, anti-toxic and gives a boost to the immune system.

Vitamin C can be used to treat any flu and is helpful against the more serious strains such as swine flu. It alleviates other viral diseases such as herpes, hepatitis, pneumonia and HIV. Dr. Mather also noted that vitamin C is effective against acute poisoning. She once treated a young man who had been bitten by a spider. He was nearly unconscious. After being treated with an IV drip of vitamin C he was feeling fine within an hour. Vitamin C is most successful when administered with an intravenous drip.

No or few side effects occur with vitamin C treatments, even when large doses, up to 100 grams, are administered. When used against flu and colds, the vitamin C is actually helping the immune system fight off the viruses that cause these diseases. Vitamin C obtains excellent results against encephalitis, food allergies, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Vitamin C is one of the more spectacular simple treatments, and it is used at the Angel Longevity Medical Center because it gets results and alleviates illnesses without overwhelming a patient with drug side effects. Even with very large doses there are almost no side effects.

The reason vitamin C therapy is administered with an IV drip is because it gets into the bloodstream quickly without going through any problems of the digestive tract. In the case of an emergency, such as poisoning or bad infections, it’s important to get the remedy to the patient as quickly as possible. In addition, Vitamin C is cheap. It’s easy to procure and easy to administer. There’s no downside.

Because the doctors and staff of Angel Longevity Medical center truly have the patient’s health as their first priority, they use therapies that get results without harming the patient. They use what works. Vitamin C therapy is one of those effective treatments.

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